What is it you you females and made up baby names?

Black woman invent all kinds of names like Loucheiz, Jerqwinick and all girl names have to a qua in them somewhere.

White woman invent their own spelling for common names. That way I guess the child has to spell their name to everyone the rest of there life and have their misspelled on documents forever more. Harley is now Harleigh. Brian is now Brayan, Jackson is now Jaxxon.

Why ? Why? For the love of gawd why?

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  • I agree ! Illiterate parents dooming kids with misspelled names. And, it's not exactly color-centric. " Shelia", for example. Looks like She-lee-uh to me, but they'll angrily correct you with "Shee-luh !" Or, Genia...looks like Gee-knee-uh, but, NO, it's Gee-nuh ! Two white examples, btw.

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