Hooked on her

Up until six months ago, my older half sister and I didn’t know about each other (long story involving an unfaithful asshole of a dad). She’s much older than me, she’s 37 and I’m 22. There was no ill will when we met. We actually got along almost instantly, way too well actually.
She’s very open minded and very forward. She took me out one weekend for some sibling bonding, but within minutes it started to feel kind of like a date. She openly said it and asked if felt like doing something crazy. Next thing I know we’re making out in a hotel room. It didn’t feel weird, and I didn’t have any objections. My first thought when I first met her was that she was gorgeous and just my type: petite, slender woman with a sweet smile, dark eyes, brown straight her down to her shoulders, small tits, a small trace of a belly and a round, delicious ass. That ás also my first time fucking a woman in the ass: she wanted it that way, not only to avoid pregnancy, but because it drove her nuts. After the best fuck session I’d ever had, she confessed to being engaged, but that she wasn’t sure. At first I didn’t feel ok with her cheating on her fiancé with me. But was so hooked on the experience we kept on meeting up for sex.
A month into it, she broke up with her fiancé. She admitted it was because of me: she can’t stop thinking about fucking together, and neither can I. She told me a few days ago that she doesn’t mind the taboo, and that if I’m into it she’d like to make this a serious thing. I’d love to, as well, but I’m more conscious about the whole “you’re siblings” issue...


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  • Wow she is a mans dream, she is your sister and takes it up the dirtiest hole I am into buggery with a very close relative I don't know why buggery is the most satisfying and exciting its the ultimate taboo, tell me more please please please
    you've made me very hard

  • I think you should go for it! In some countries this is legal. Because she is your half sister you only share12.5 DNA. So you could have children with very low risk of defects.

  • Since you didn't know about each other until fairly recently, it's just like meeting any new woman. You hit it off like any new relationship might begin. If she's good looking, I'd be fucking her pussy daily. Who cares what your relatives might think about it.

  • I met a woman many many years back and dated her for 3 years before I married her. We bought a house, had kids and settled into the family life. My wife never knew who her father was and had made peace with never knowing. In our mid 50's my father passed away and we were cleaning out the old house. Going through some old papers we found several letters from a woman who wasn't my mother. We were shocked to see the woman's name was the same as my wife's mother's name. We were shocked even more when we found pictures of my wife as a baby and letters tell my dad about his daughter, my wife. Turns out my dad had an affair with my wife's mother and they had a love child who I unknowingly married years later. It was a rough couple of years after finding out that information, but we are still married today.

  • You're still married, but did your relationship change afterwards? Do you still fuck?

  • Dude fuck sake stop being a pissy and get in there. She wants you, you want her and the sex is incredible. So there’s a half link..... so what!!!

  • Oh, no, that definitely isn't the issue here. We've been fucking each other's brains out at least once a week. The thing is she wants it to be serious.

  • So do it

  • Or someone else will

  • This is hot and sexy and taboo and horny as fuck, but will not keep the intensity, and will not work as a serious thing. You have to be lifetime cheating secret lovers.

  • Yeah, I don't know if being a couple is what we want, either. But when a woman tells her brother she's really into him (and throws in a "I want to be your lifetime whore" for good measure), said brother has to pay attention.

  • I mean, our first time together was anal, but she has let me cum in her pussy on safe days, which is so fucking addictive. Just the thrill of not getting my own sister pregnant is enough for getting me going again.

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