Had to Know

I still remember my first conscious deliberate homosexual fantasy. I was probably 13 and we’ll seasoned in jerking. I don’t remember where the thought came from but I played it out. I was harder and came stronger than I ever had to any porn (magazines at the time) or thoughts of any girl. I didn’t sleep for a week for fear of what it might have meant.
Fast forward 10 years. I’m a bachelor running wild in a small town. I bed every female I can to make sure the occasional fantasy doesn’t mean anything. I always liked the moment I knew I was going to get them as much as the sex itself. Finally one night I’m drunk and watching tv. A commercial comes on about some by phone dating service. I laugh but notice a m4m insignia among the services. Curiosity got the best and I left a message. Next night I’ve had a few again and called in to check messages. I had several. One really caught my attention and I ended up exchanging numbers with him. We had a few great conversations then reality hit me and I ghosted him.
Soon after I met my wife and we got married soon after.
Five years in im not getting sex anymore, I now have internet and I’m jerking nearly exclusively to gay porn. Finally I decide I’ve got to know. I get on AFF and meet a man. We hit it off and arranged to meet in public then get a room. He went to kiss me and I was honestly repulsed but let him anyway just to get things moving. I loved it. It was hot sensual and blew my socks off. We made out for the longest time then he directed me to his cock where I sucked him off and swallowed every drop. Then he returned the favor. Post nut clarity sent me out of there as quickly as I could. I felt bad and called him the next day. Told him I was overwhelmed that I now had to admit I was bi rather than curious. He laughed. He told me I was gay, that eventually I’d know it too. He said I’d eventually not be able to get hard for her at all. I was dumbfounded. Well fast forward 15 years and I’m there. I have a confession up about that too.

Apr 5

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    • Well I may be an exception but I am solidly bi and after 60 years still have seriously good and fun sex with various men and my steady GF. If that makes me gay, ok. I don’t care about labels.

    • A lesbian friend of mine told me all bisexuals end up homosexual. That was 40 years ago. I’m still bi sexual but my cock won’t get hard for my wife.
      It does for any fit man or woman.

    • She’s still sexy to most men. Especially older men. When I see salt and pepper silver foxes ogling her, I just think how much I wish they would be that way with me. I tend to agree with your friend’s comment. But there are always exceptions

    • Creeping homosexuality is the other one. I’ve had other experiences as well.

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