I cheating on my final exam by writing the answers on my thighs and hiding them under my skirt. I had done it before but one day I got caught. I remember sent to the principal's office. I remember Sister Ann told me to get undressed in front of the principal because he was a man. I remember him looking at me completely naked with the answers written on my thighs and on the top of my breasts. I felt so humiliated because I'm sure he was taking his time looking at my pussy. I couldn't do anything else, because I was 13 and had to do what I was told. I remember I got paddled 5 times, bent over his desk with my legs spread with Sister Ann holding my arms and then taken back to my class room naked. It was an all girls school but sitting in class with no clothes on but till horribly embarrassed hearing my girl friends laughing at me sitting in desk. I could feel my face burning with shame and probably as red as my rigging butt.

Apr 5

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    • To really teach you, they should have shoved a dildo up your pussy and up your asshole and made you keep it in all day in school. That is a right age for cunt to learn how to behave. He went easy on you. He could have sandpapered your nipples and clit. Be grateful he did not do more.

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