When I was at uni 10 years ago I had a boyfriend for about a year called Dave. We were a real mismatch even though I thought we weren’t. I’m quite a hippy but don’t take drugs, my family has always done a lot of yoga. He was a hippy too but smoked so much weed. Anyway he would watch me do yoga and masturbate whilst I did it. Sometimes I’d just do it normal other times I’d relent and take my top and bra off, sometimes just do it in my knickers, sometimes naked. It would often lead to sex but also it’s very difficult to do yoga seriously when your boyfriends wanking and groaning when you move! He would come closer to get a good look at me or to sniff my pussy! He loved taking photos of me when I did it. Or have me do the splits on to his mouth.
We weren’t compatible and split up. I studied, Dave smoked, I did yoga, Dave smoked, I went out, Dave smoked. The only place we were good was in bed. His cock was good, he didn’t cum quickly, probably the dope, he knew how to lick and talk dirty to me, he wasn’t really into quickies, quickies always make me feel used. He loved my knickers and would shamelessly wank in to them when I didn’t want sex. He always lubed me before buggering me.
I still do yoga but there’s no Dave masturbating watching me. I don’t miss his dope but I do miss his groans when I open my legs. I think in small ways it changed me for ever. When I’m at yoga class I notice even the most right on men enjoy looking at women, my shorts when they’re tight on me round my pussy. And I like them looking. And also yoga always turns me on a bit, I think I will always link yoga and sex.

Apr 3

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    • Always wanted a woman to do a split on my face. Would love that.

    • A lot of yoga poses are intrinsically sexy, especially given the skin tight outfits we wear. I attend a couple of mixed classes and I'm always a little conscious that men may be staring my bum or pussy. I then remind myself that the type of men that do yoga are generally decent blokes.

    • That is particularly true of certain poses. Whenever I do a Downward Dog with my bum in the air, I feel like I'm sending out a signal that I want to be fucked doggy style! Or is that just me? *blush*

    • Wow that was hooot I would love to see you doing yoga send me a picture I’ll masturbate and tell you what I think of your pictures you don’t even have to put your face in the pictures

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