Twice a week I go to a friend's house to do yoga, since our gym is closed. Usually it's just three of us, all women from the neighborhood. The last time we met up we finished exercising and were just hanging out, when one of the women made an offhand comment that she was feeling randy. We laughed, talked about sex a little, and it came out that neither of us had ever been with a woman before.

Well, we went for it. The yoga pants came off, we splayed out on our yoga mats, and we gave one another head. It was really lovely--soft and sensual. It was really hot giving each other orgasms, seeing their expressions, and oh to feel those feminine hands. It was the best sex I've ever had. When we finished, we said we should do it again sometime.

My husband has no idea about what we did and that sex with my two female friends was soooo much nicer than sex with him. I used to think I was mildly bi, but the pendulum has swung way toward the lesbian side of the spectrum.


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  • My wife is bi and in the closet. She loves a Netflix series with a married double life bi Psychiatrist - she watched it 10x. She's always horny as hell afterwords.
    At the beach she drools over big tits bikini girls more than me, and points them out "Check her out -- wow" She even got a couple nasty 'fuck off" looks back.
    She says it's because she's a C cup with D+ cup envy. I think she may have gone done on her hot body girlfriend. They slept together in the guest room 5x. And the girl sort of bullies her. The GF has a butch hair do and never wears makeup, is also married. I know she'll get mad if I ask if she licked her, so I don't. But the dots connect. I wouldn't mind if they did it, not like with a guy (which she did)

  • Man, to be a fly on the wall during these yoga sessions.

  • I had a couple private lessons, and let him fuck me, but I’ve never just given up and went for pussy

  • Jenn, Lynn and were college roommates. And hit it off right away. We were also all virgins at an all girl college in New England.

    Within a month we became lovers where an early winter snow storm closed the college for 4 days. It was so natural being with another woman for all if us.

    Ten years later we are a troupe and own a medical tech business together. So we are never apart. Our love is strong and complete. And the daisy chain oral is divine!

    We also started to talk about finding a guy who can impregnate us all. It will be wonderful having a family together. We are so in love.

  • I would be willing to offer my male services to help you with your family.

  • Give us an email contact

  • How can I give that information to you privately?

  • No you didn't. Because you are not a woman.

  • I agree. You have a hot fantasy going there but you need to work on your writing style if you want to pass for a woman.

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