I was naughty at the laundry mat

I’m a 34 yr old mother of two (3yrs & 5yrs). I eat healthy and exercise to stay fit (32-22-34) & 120lb. People also tell me I look younger than I am. We live near a college and I was at the laundry mat doing laundry. I’d got back from yoga so I was wearing a sport tank top with tight yoga capris.
I noticed a young man, maybe 19 or 20 making eyes at me. Poor kid, he had glasses and looked nerdy. I smiled back at him and he quickly turned his head. He was with a friend and they were ‘trying’ to do laundry. LOL
I went over to help them with the machines. I helped each of them get their first load started. When helping him he was very nervous. After their machines got going I could hear them talking. His friend was poking him to ask for my number. 
Well, the poor kid did. While I was folding cloths, he acted nervous but acted very proper as he asked for my number. His friend was giggling knowing rejection was coming. I acted surprise and honored. I showed him my wedding/engagement ring and told him sorry. He apologized and went to put his cloths in the dryer.
I felt so bad for the poor kid. His friend was being so mean to him.
I’d finished up and was getting ready to leave.
This is naughty and looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have.
I picked out a pair of my neon pink sport thongs. As I was leaving, I handed them to the boy and said, “If I wasn’t married, I’d take you home.”
I told my husband and he laughed about it.

1 month ago

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    • Great story and thank you!

    • I saw a young woman come into the laundromat, look around, she saw me, I was the only other person there. She turned her back, stripped down while trying to hold a towel around herself and was having a tough time doing it, so I asked her if she wanted me to hold the towel up for her.
      She looked at me for a long moment, then nodded, so I did. Then she wrapped the towel around herself. Turned out she was homeless and the clothes she as wearing were all she had and they were getting smelly.
      We talked, then I asked her if she was hungry, she was, so we went to a little place and had some food.
      One thing led to another, we ended up in bed at my place after she took a long hot shower.. She stayed for over a week, I wanted her to stay full time but she wanted to go hack to where ever she was. Homeless camps were her life, and how she lived until her Mother passed away.
      I have always wondered what happened to her, when she left I gave her some money and one of my back packs, plus a few clothes I bought for her.
      She said her name was Sissy, she is out there somewhere, I look for her from time to time when I drive by the tent camps.

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    • That's actually kind of cute. My wife has done similar things, including a little nipple flash.

    • That was sweet of you, I’d probably would’ve blew him right there or kissed him to fuck with his lousy friend

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