I like my boyfriend watching me get DP’d Part 2

As promised, this is a follow up to me getting DP’d by two security guards while my boyfriend watched.

I woke up horny the next morning, but I bit sore, so I asked Tom to jerk off while I masturbated and recounted the night before. I also told him that next time I wanted him to join in. He would fuck my pussy while two, maybe three, guys fucked and came in my arse.

We left the resort about mid morning, it was a beautiful day, and sailed off to wherever. I kept dreaming that we would find another boat with only men, that I could fuck.

A couple of days later we had anchored in a quiet inlet for the evening when a big gin palace dropped anchor about 50 metres from us. It looked like there were only 3 guys on board. I waved at them and then went into the cabin to put on my pink, sheer when wet, g string bikini. I wanted to tease a bit first. From the distance they appeared to bit in their late 40’s or so and overweight. Ideal for me, the less attractive the more slutty I would feel!

I swam over to their boat to say “hello to our new neighbours” and they offered me a glass of champagne. Which I accepted and climbed on board. They all literally stared at me for about 15 seconds until one of them went and got me a glass. When I say my bikini was sheer when wet I mean it’s virtually the same as being naked except that it enhances my pussy lips.

When I finished my glass they offered me another but I told them I wanted to grab a bottle and get changed if that was ok with them. They all said “no need to get changed”, I replied “promise you will like it and can I bring my boyfriend?” Disappointedly they said yes, but I knew they wouldn’t be.

I put on make up and a sheer(ish) sundress. Sheer enough that it was obvious I had nothing on underneath but not sheer enough to see. Tom and I had some coke and we rowed over to their boat. While we did I reminded Tom I hoped he would join in and last long enough for all three of them to cum in my butt.

We had a lot of drinks, they even had coke which we shared and I was horny as hell! I didn’t want to just blurt out “I’d like you all to fuck me” so the best I could come up with was to steer the conversation to me being a yoga instructor, which isn’t quite true. I am a personal trainer, just not a yoga instructor. I then suggested they should all give yoga a try and would they like to see some poses?

I started out with a downward dog and of course my dress fell over my head to the floor. I took it off and said “we’re all adults I’ll continue in the nude” you should have seen their faces! I continued with a few simple poses then a “tree pose” (standing on one leg with the foot of the other on the inside of my knee). Then a “seated wide angle straddle” ( no explanation needed I think). Then I suggested we do a few together, but as I was naked they should be too. They all quickly took their clothes off and I noticed they all had semi erect cocks.

I had one guy lie on the floor on his back and the other two stand at his head and feet facing each. I think you can see where this is going? Then I climbed on the guy on the floor and slid his cock in my pussy. I was so wet it slid in all the way with no difficulty. Then I started sucking the guy in front of me’s cock and said to the guy at my feet you will have to wait a bit. Once the cock I was fucking was covered in my juices I flipped over, shoved his cock up my arse and told the guy that had been waiting I was ready for him.

They all had a turn in each of my holes then I asked Tom to join in. First he fucked my arse while I sucked cock with another in my pussy. Then I had him lay on his back so he could fuck my pussy while the others took turns in cumming in my arse. I was in heaven! As each guy fucked my arse I would look into Tom’s eyes saying how much I was loving it and “could he feel a cock in my arse? because I certainly could and it was great. First load of cum in my arse then another cock, second then a third. I was loving being a slut so much that I stood up, cum dripping out of my arse and straddled Tom reverse cowgirl and slid my arse onto his cock. I put on a show for the guys fingering my pussy, spreading my lips and telling them how much I enjoyed getting buttfucked by all of them. One of the guys got hard again so I told him to fuck my pussy while Tom fucked my arse. When Tom came I told the guy in my pussy to cum quickly as I was getting a bit sore, and tired. He came quickly in my pussy.

I jumped into the water to clean up. We then had a celebratory drink, cum kept oozing out of me while we did. Then Tom and I went back to our boat and a good night sleep.

I woke up horny as hell but way to sore for sex so we wished them a good trip and sailed off.


Mar 12

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    • No fucking way would you have jumped in the water to get clean. That's your husband's job! Or at least with my wife and I, it's my job and I fucking love cleaning up my well used wife with my tongue! He should try it, pussy or arelse full if cum is delicious! Make sure you've cleaned back there good prior. No doodoo cum.

    • Guy's wet dream ?
      No, he's wide awake by now at the keyboard....

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