It started during Covid. My husband is a teacher so he was at work, our kids at school.I work for a solicitor, one of the partners. I was home alone. We flirted, then 1 day I gave in and we had phone sex. Then teams sex. I’m 32he’s 46. He is so different from my husband. I’m falling for him. We have sex not very often but sometimes at his house or when we have to go away for work. He buys me dresses and underwear. He’s bought vibrators and a dildo that sticks to the fridge! Who knew I would ever agree to not only fuck myself like that but film it! I send him pictures and vids of me and we masturbate together. When we have sex he always gets me to get on top at some point. I ride him it’s super sexy. I rarely cum with my husband but I can cum like this. When we r away he won’t close the curtains thank god he never gets a ground floor room and he talks dirty to me tellin me men will be filming me watching my tits bouncing as I fuck him. He introduced me to naughty posts and knows I’m writing this. With him it’s my cunt, he is obsessed with showing me how it looks in a photo before we’ve been together and then the next day when my lips are swollen and red and his cum is in me.
I don’t know how this will end. He has woken something inside me that I had forgotten. I’ve thought for years that I’m a faithful, honest person but actually before I went to college and met my husband I had a lot of sex with different men, quite a few I didn’t know and others who should have known better! I’m masturbating now remembering. So you can picture it I’m downstairs lying on the sofa. My tits are d cup and my cunts hairy, black hairs and I’m very wet. I’ve taken my knickers off and my legs are open. I wish a man would come in and fuck me. Anyone. I haven’t had sex for a few days so as my friend says it’s not been abused like it should have been. The vibrator is up me and rubbing my clit too. He says I will have to have sex with a client. I think he is saying it just to turn me on. And it’s working! In truth I hope it’s a fantasy but the picture he paints of the client having sex with me in the evening over the desk whilst he watches is driving me wild. There is a bit of me hoping it’s true.

Mar 28

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    • Sounds like you are the way to becoming the company whore. That's fine if that is what you want, but make sure before you do it. Once you fuck a client you will be pimped out to other clients, and then it will become part of your job, and you will probably get paid to do it like a good whore should

    • Would love to see pics of u

    • You have awakened your inner whore. Mine was awakened in me a long time ago. By my husband's best friend. It was before we actually got married. His 8.5 inch thick cock compared to my husband's three and a half took me over the edge. I don't ever deny my husband but I've always got a big dick to take care of me when I really need it, usually 2 to 3 times a week. And I agree with your friend pussies are made to be abused! Mine loves taking a beating and going home swollen for my hubby.

    • Enjoy it while you can - it won’t last and is only exciting because it’s hidden.

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