He brought out my inner sissy

Yesterday I made arrangements to blow a guy in the back seat of my truck at a highway rest area. As blowjobs go, it was fine. Nice cock, and he eventually came big in my mouth. But that wasn’t the exciting part. I have a very deep hidden sissy faggot personality in me and he coaxed it out. He made me beg for cock, confess that I need dick 24/7 365, he made me feel ashamed that I couldn’t take his whole cock once it was fully erect. It was incredibly thick at the base. He threatened to not let me suck it any more if I didn’t do better. So I reached up and put his hand on the back of my head. The message was clear. Make me! He pushed my head down hard and thrusted his hips up. I gagged on his cock, and loved every second. He was calling me names like bitch, whore, cunt, slut, sissy and faggot. When I told him I have another hole that could pleasure his cock he said I probably couldn’t take it there either. I almost cried begging him to let me please him another time. He knew exactly how to sissify me. Threaten to withhold cock. Every word I spoke to him, every pleading begging desperate word was spoken with his cock in my mouth. Sometimes he made me repeat so he could understand. The windows started to steam and I was afraid it would attract a cop or something. But I kept sucking like a good little cunt-whore-sissy. After he came in my mouth and I swallowed it, I asked if I was a good little faggot and if I pleased him. He said I did, which made me very happy. I’ve blown close to 50 men, but none knew how to bring out the sissy in me like he did.

Mar 20

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