I have a stomach fetish, anyone else?

I'm a young girl, and as long as I can remember, I've been attracted to the male stomach. Some of my fantasies Include:

*Rubbing a man's stomach
*Listening to his stomach growl
*Playing with his navel
*Feeding a man and rubbing his aching belly (I don't have a fat fetish)

I'm very embarrassed by this fetish, and I often catch myself staring at the stomach of most of my crushes. So, I'd like to know, does anyone else have the same kink?

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  • I'm 100% into stomachs as well and its very embarrassing - I can totally relate! If you ever want to talk about it sometime...eddiejones1125@gmail.com

  • Bi guy here- yup tummys are the best <3 Personally I like slightly chubby bellies- especially when people are comfortable enough to have them on show! There is nothing hotter than a big girl in a crop top & it's the best feeling in the world looking up at a guy's chunky belly as you are going down on them <3 <3 <3

  • If any of y’all want to talk to me personally about your fetishes I’ll be happy to share and be on the same page with someone my instagram is @luciferspussii ??

  • I like it when girls do that to me too. I usually end up feeling their tits and nipples. Then we make out before fucking.

  • Guys do it, too. Probably more than women. I got hooked on women's flat, sexy tummies and touchable navels early on, when my hot older sister and her friends would all wear high-cut crop tops or tie their shirts in knots to show off their tummies and navels. They were all ok with my touching or swirling my fingers around their navels, and, during our hugs, my hands always felt their exposed tummies.

    Even now, my hot older sister likes to lay flat, with her shirt up or off, and I'll massage her tummy and swirl her navel to relax her. We had a hotel room together after moving a friend's kid across state, had a very long day, and got back to the room. She laid flat on the one bed, raised her shirt up, and sighed relief that the day was over. Told me to "relax me, hun", meaning, massage her tummy and swirl my fingers around her navel. Did it to her for about 20 minutes, to her smiling, exhaling, and full relaxation. It's a thing with us.

  • I wouldn't be able to keep from fondling her tits, and sucking on her nipples. After that you might as well fuck her while you're at it.

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