My uncle

I don't know what to do I'm only 14 and my uncle is 31.I had a dream about him and I. It wasnt that bad it was just every holiday when I saw him we would end up alone and talking but we were both flirting. And in the dream I was so happy but I couldn't stop thinking about all him day.all I can think is I want to be in the same room as him and just do something deep talking, kissing, idk just something to make me feel better.btw he's not married and has never been also has not had any serious relationships.idk what to do because I'm going to see him soon! Help me!

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  • 31 year old man who's never been in a relationship probably is defective on one level or another. Might be a homo or a pedaphile, or otherwise mentally unbalanced. You would be wise to stay away from him without other family or friends around. I guarantee there are plenty of boys closer to your age that you can do the naked nasty with, no need to pursue a 31 year old to get your jollies with.

  • Your uncle is unmarried at 31 and has had no serious relationships. My guess is he is gay.

  • Child needs a magor ass spanking. I never understand were the patents are..

  • Do you have a spanking fetish or something. This is your reply to everything it seems

  • Just beleave in discipline and a fourteen year old child on site posting stuff like this. Lets just say it would not be our daighter and yes we spank as part off discipline..

  • Your 14 hun and have a crush. You are only a little girl and I dont know how you have accsess too this site. I have three daughters sweetie and if I found out they were on site like this they would be sleeping on their tummys for few nights as I would bare their bottoms and smack them long and hard. Do not attemp to do anything with your uncle sweetie and keep it in your dreams. I hope you will stay off sites like this baby girl as there are some very bad people. Look after your self sweetie. A mom off three girls and post if you need too talk..

  • ^~~~This girl is so bored that she constantly talks to herself as different people.

  • Glad others can see it too!

  • She pretends to be a married mother who spanks her kids and then some 12-14 year old girl named Clowie, Paige and Sasha with a tough family life and gets spanked by them. And a 29 year old guy who gets spanked by his mother? Seriously, who that old gets spanked non-sexually? If she is young, it would explain her bad spelling. If she’s actually an adult, she must be from a different country and still working on her spelling and grammar. You can be who you want, but we’ll notice.

  • Then her "daughter" clowie writes too. Ugh just fuck off!

  • Yes but my guess it's a man. Making fake posts up so he/she can comment on being the massive paedophile that he/she is.

  • Shes only a child and as I said in last post. If she was our daughter she would be sleeping on her for a few days...

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