Can't stop

I have been masterbating with my little sister panties for a long time and i can't seem to stop help

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  • You are an illiterate prick. The word "Masturbate" is spelled the way I spelled it, not with an "E" in the middle. Also , any idiot knows the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Your point fucking is.......

  • If you really want to stop masterbating, cut your dick off. Otherwise, shut the fuck up about it, there is nothing wrong with wacking off, everybody does it, and it generally harms no one.

  • She is11

  • You there and what she look like naked...

  • You there....

  • Yes

  • Nice and whats she look like and do you see her naked. I have great stories if you want to share. My wife and i have three daughters. Ages 9,11 and allmost 13...

  • Ok tell me

  • Like i said above in post. We have three daughters and are family who walk around house naked. Their pussys are so tight and sweet and with not a single hair on their pussys. Their beautifull girls and allways make me hard. Whats your daughter look like and you see her naked...

  • I do same with my daughters panties...

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