Denial of pleasure

I’m a bi guy and I like when I’ve sucked a guy off and made him cum in my mouth and then he’s just done with me. He has no regard whatsoever for my sexual pleasure. He treats me as if I only exist to please his cock and make him cum. Period. Which I do. His denial of my pleasure makes me feel extremely submissive. Even though I desperately want to ejaculate and my balls ache with need, being discarded after my sexually submissive purpose has been served is very exciting. It’s demeaning and makes me feel useless except to sexually please a man. How exciting. I love it!

Mar 20


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    • Nothing better than a mouthful of cock and cum I think

    • New rule, you cum first, even eat it, then you'll pleasure him.

    • I used to blow my older brother growing up and he never once would touch my dick

    • You are a worthless beta fag. Your job is to worship superior alpha males endlessly. You don’t deserve an orgasm. Stop bitching and start sucking your worthless cunt.

    • Yes, daddy. May I please suck YOUR big cock?

    • I had a boyfriend who got off on having me walk to the corner store with a mouthful of his spunk or with a load on my face and acting like I didn't know. It was hot.

    • I like that. When my ex and I were married she used to travel a lot for business. I got into the habit of fucking her hard before each trip. First to satisfy her so she wouldn’t stray while traveling. But second (and she knew this and liked it) was to ensure that she was loaded with my thick seed while she traveled. I liked knowing that she was sitting on an airplane with my cum inside her. Maybe some guy sitting next to her and wanting her, not knowing my cum was already deep inside her. I also liked that my cum was much more well traveled that I was. I’ve been to maybe 15 states. But my cum has been to 35 states and London and Montreal.

    • I've done the same thing and then when she would return as soon as she got in the door I would lift her skirt and start eating her out. And she would always tell me Keith said right back at you. She was always full of his load but I didn't pull off like a pussy I ate every bit of it out of her

    • This is 🔥 I love this idea. Doing it tonight!

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