From flashing to stripping

My boyfriend likes me flashing other guys and I like doing it. It’s a good laugh and it turns me on. It started with me going bra less with my shirt buttons undone enough and thigh length skirts with no knickers and progressed to very short skirts and me standing on escalators or even bending over.
We liked it so much that we would drive to far away shopping malls, so we wouldn’t see people I know, spend the afternoon flashing and go home for great sex.
One of my favourites is to wear a really short skirt and wait at the boot of the car. When I saw a guy coming I would pretend I didn’t notice and start looking for something in the boot.
On a recent trip to Melbourne I went one then two steps further.
We decided to find a quiet(ish) petrol station, we didn’t want a mob, at around 10 one night with me just wearing a sundress and heels, no bra, no knickers.
James dropped me off near the entrance and he parked the car in the petrol station. We went inside separately and headed straight for the end of an aisle where the attendant couldn’t see me. I took the dress off, which James subsequently picked up, and walked slowly towards the register. I was both nervous and excited.
You should have seen the look on the attendant’s face! It was an instant turn on. I bought a packet of gum and while I was waiting for the eftpos to say “approved” I ran my hands through my hair, which accentuated my 34c tits, then said “thanks, hope you had a good time” and left, got in the car and drove off. The whole the attendant just stared at me with his mouth open. I loved it.
The next gas station I was more relaxed so I pretended I was looking for something at the counter for about a minute before I bought another pack of gum.
The third station was even better, there was a 40 something year old man filling his tank when I arrived. I quickly went to the back of the store and waited till I saw him about to come in and pay. I timed it perfectly. As he was walking through the door I was walking straight towards him! Two guys with their eyes on stalks! Again I bought a pack of gum and walked out, but this time I dropped my packet of gum as I was walking out. I bent over, paused, got back up and turned my head said “hope you enjoyed” and left.
I was so horny I wanted more. James suggested we find a strip club with Amateur night. Being a Saturday we couldn’t find one, they all seemed to be on Thursday nights. James suggested I was good enough to be a professional dancer so we should see if I could get a gig on the spot. I’m 21, as I said 34c with a tight butt and all over tan so I figured I was a chance.
We went back to the hotel, I put on a red push up bra, matching g string, my heels and a jacket of James’s that just covered my butt.
We were staying in the city so walked to a strip club and went in. I asked the receptionist if I could perform that night but she said no, I needed to be interviewed and they were too busy. So I asked if they had a cloak room and started talking my jacket off. She said “you can’t go in like that men will grab you as you walk to your table”. I told her I didn’t mind and that my boyfriend would protect me if needed. So she let us through!
She was right. We wanted to be near the stage and as we pushed through the crowd men kept “accidentally” touching my body. All harmless and I was loving it.
After about 15 mins the manager came over to us and said if I filled out a few forms he would let me perform!
Before I went on stage the announcer said “ give a big welcome for the first time anywhere, Jessica. The crowd roared, I hesitated then nervously walked out and started a sort of a dance. As I relaxed I got better and had my bra off (for fifty bucks) in minutes and was really getting in to it. Another 50 and my knickers were off. I started doing yoga poses (downward dog with my feet wide apart) squats with my feet wide apart, pretty much anything that spread my pussy lips apart. I even used my fingers to do so. Guys were holding out money but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be as brazen and get as close to the crowd as I could. I was dripping and even had an orgasm on stage. It was one of the nights of my life.
On my way out a few guys asked if I would do a private show but I said no and thought maybe next time. James loved it and was sporting a big boner. I was so horny I couldn’t wait to get back to hotel so I dragged him (I didn’t need to) down a dark lane, stripped naked and had him fuck me from behind.
Can’t wait to get back to Melbourne!

Mar 14

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