Package deal

I’m a 52 yr old single mom and have a 19yr old son. One evening I accidentally saw his friend changing clothes thru crack in bedroom door as I walked down the hallway. I was so embarrassed even though I knew he didn’t see me. Then I began thinking I wanted to go back in hopes I could see his dick. What was I thinking? But I went back to look again and actually saw his fresh shaven thick penis as he shoved it in his underwear. I hurried away as to convince myself didn’t see anything. But the desire and thoughts of his young fat dick were too much to control. By now I’m so horny my pussy was soaked and swelled. I couldn’t believe I was a 52yr old mother thinking this way. After a few mins I got naked and rubbed my self to thoughts of him eating me out then all of sudden my vagina squirted orgasm everywhere. I’ve never told anyone till now

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  • What an erotic encounter and momentary glimpse! When you saw his package finally.. what did you think of?

  • Oh my, it happened to me ALL the time! I'd watch my son and my 2 stepsons undress and look at their cocks! Never let an opportunity pass by to use my little pink friend to satisfy until I could get the real thing

  • Why dont you just strip lay on his bed with yur legs wide and tell him to use you like the cum seeking bitch you are.... mummy....

  • Your “vagina squirted orgasm everywhere”. Sounds legit.

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