Licking my neighbor

So, I usually come home from the gym and do a little yard work and let the dogs run around with me in the morning. It’s been hot still, or not hot but not fall weather yet in the south, so I can wear my shorts and workout bra while raking leaves and pulling weeds. I did a double work out this morning and came home extra sweaty so I took off the workout bra and just tossed back on my tank top. My neighbor was out jogging and stopped to chat. I didn’t realize she had a view of my nipples as I continued bending and pulling leaves. My shorts aren’t too tight but they’re definitely short and I was on my knees, so I noticed her checking out my ass too. I did a little peeking myself and saw a nice pink pussy up her running short. I didn’t think she saw but later realized she did. She asked if my husband was in town. He travels a lot. And I said not this week. We talked a bit and she left. A few hours later after I’d finished showering and was getting something to eat, she rang my doorbell. I invited her in and we had a cup of coffee. I don’t even know how it happened except that she kept staring at my tits in my tank top and my nipples were so hard! She touched one and pinched it. I just stared at her and then she pulled me to her and stuck her tongue in my mouth. The next thing I knew my shorts and shirt were off and her fingers were ramming my pussy and she was sucking on my tits. She pushed me back on my couch and ate me out and I had the strongest orgasm I’ve had in years. I didn’t know what to do, but it didn’t matter, she pulled me up and dropped her shorts and shoved my face into her cunt and my God, it was freaking amazing. I licked her and sucked her and she exploded into my mouth - this creamy smooth, tangy goodness and I couldn’t stop myself from licking every last bit of it. Woman cum is so much better tasting than man cum. She’s coming over tomorrow. Said several of the women in the subdivision eat pussy and have wanted to eat mine. Is this common?


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  • Bullshit Women don't cum like guys do, it's just piss.

  • In most cases yes

  • It’s not common where I live. I sure wish it was. I’d love to have a woman lick my pussy like that. And I’d like clit all day long if I could find it! What kind of neighborhoods do you all live in? I’ll move!

  • I’d like to lick you.

  • We should have a universal sticker or flag that we put on our front windows indicating we are open to play - kind of like the black spade for women who want to fuck black men :)


  • Yes!

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