For the neighbour

I was out watering my plants one night when my neighbour came out. I was completely naked and he has enough lights to land a plane. He saw me and came over to chat. Ever since, anytime I was out I was naked. He worked in his yard a lot to I would walk around and show off. He would come over to chat and I would pretend to drop something. I would have mya ss towars him with my legs spread and bend over to get it. This gave him a great view of my wide open asshole. I got braver later and did the same thing but this time I had a set of vibrating anal beads shoved all the way up my ass. He didn't seem to mind and it seemed like he like waht he saw. He has girlfriend and one day she was out and saw me naked. She was a bit startled but didn't leave which gave me a huge hard on. I wandered around the yard a bit and saw that I was leaking a fair amount of precum. I positioned myself where she could see and I noticed her eyes go down to my cock. By now the precum was a long string leaking from the tip of my cock. I went in and when I returned she was gone but he was back out. He was working on something so wasn't paying attention to me. I moved as close as possible and started to jerk off. It didn't take long until I wass shooting cum into his yard. I think she saw because I saw the curtains in the door were slighly apart. I,m looking forward to next summer

Mar 8


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    • If your wife is like my EX wife she’ll act like you are a pervert for this, or pretty much anything else.

    • I sat on my deck for years to get an all over tan. I'd come out of the house with a towel wrapped around my waist. When I sat in the lounge, with the towel opened and over the arms you couldn't tell I was naked. My wife would give me shit about it and I'd tell her not to worry about it. The only neighbor that could see our deck was never home. After a few years of sunning nude, our neighbor ended up getting a divorce. His 3 kids would come to visit sometimes. His 19Yo daughter would lay out naked when home by herself. I had seen her from my kayak one afternoon. One day I was getting some sun. I was enjoying the breeze on my body and the hot sun. I had drifted off a bit and not paying attention. His daughter walked across the yard, up the steps and was standing over me. She woke me up and said I should get out of the sun before I burn. In a panic I flipped the towel over my lap. She laughed and said there's no point in that, she'd already had a good long look before she woke me up. After the awkwardness kind of went away. She told me about laying out naked. I told her I know. She said we're even, she's known about me for a couple years. She had come over to my yard to get her dog and saw me. The said no big deal, she was doing the same thing. We now lay out on her deck. They live on the water and have no neighbors that can see us. Her whole family walks around the house naked or close to it. No big deal. I'm trying to get my wife involved.

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