Guest house lady

Quite a few years back when on long distance lorries I frequently stayed at a particular guest house,the owners were years apart and on second marriage,she was defiantly bored sexually,we had the odd touch of hands and peck on cheek,one evening he was out at crib match and I went down stairs to get some coffee,her bathroom door was ajar and through the steam I saw her from the back,tall slender body slightly bent as she dried herself,the gap between the legs at the top by her bum was awesome,pussy lips just on view,instant erection,she saw me in the mirror and beckoned me inside,I want you she whispered and exaggerated the bend,I took her gently from behind,the warmth of her pussy from the hot bath triggered so many thrills in my cock how I stopped cumming straight away I will never know,afterwards she thanked me but asked I never stay there again,sadly for her privacy I didn't

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  • I spent a month travelling through England in 1987 and stayed with friends of friends, often sleeping on couches or spare rooms, once on a pile of blankets in a stairwell. At one place in Portsmouth I ended up staying with an elderly widow. She was in her early sixties, overweight, sagging tits, heavy smoker, and as dirty a mouth as you could ever imagine. Her husband had server in the Royal Navy for 26 year and died of a heart attack a week after retiring. They never had kids, just a couple Yorkies and a cat in this big old house that overlooked the Portsmouth Naval Yard. One night I came in pretty drunk and caught her on the living room couch masturbating with a zucchini. Her hair was in rollers, housecoat open, big granny panties pulled aside, and this HUGE and I mean HUGE zuccini pumping in and out of her hair bush. I stood there for a minute watching her before she asked me if I was going to fuck her or not. Shit, I was 19 and drunk so I dropped trou, threw that vegetable on the floor and plowed her. Now, I'm not baby carrot but she had just had a baseball bate sized implement stuffed in there so she was pretty loose. We went at it for a few minutes before she rolled over onto her knees and told me to stuff it in her arse. Now, THAT was tight. Best week of non-stop anal sex I've ever had.

  • Sad ending, man!

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