I couldn't stop and I wanted her to see it.

I stayed at my brothers with his family for about 6 months. His wife is in her 50s and a little fat and not all that beautiful. When I saw her naked a couple times and her hairy ousstly and far wrinkled ass I got a hard on immediately and when she didn't try to cover up the second time I knew she wanted my cock and I just pulled it out and started kissing her. I fucked Karla almost every night I love there while my brother working Midnight's. I still do about oneveca week and last night I got what I been waiting for My 15:year old neice walked in us and watching. When will saw her I smiled at her and started pounding ng her mom and Karla was moaning and never even noticed her daughter who watched at least 10 minutes before quietly going back to her room. Not long after I saw her watching I pulled my huge dick out and rubbed it is n her mom's untrimmed bush then slipped back into her mom and pounded hard. I gaurentee my niece went and madterbated and she gonna let me fuck her. She had that look when saw how much her uncle packing and she be scared but all women want it and been long time since had a 15 year old pussy that hard to even get into them. The ones you hold down when they feel it and try to quit. I love when they beg and say anything and I tell them you got nothing else that I want more that to year their pussy apart.

9 months ago


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    • I worked as a bellboy in Vega one Summer while I was in college. I stayed with My aunt Vernonia and her husband Mel who was a State cop.
      I was in my bed one night, it was getting late, Uncle Mel came to my room and asked me to come in and fuck aunt Vernonia, because he was tired.
      I was pretty shy but he was insisting, so finally I went in there, he went to the living room. She lay there naked, a huge mass of hair between her legs, and big boobs with nipples pointing straight down.
      She called out to me, "Come here Danny, help me out here." So I did.
      There sure was a lot of room in there, it wasn't like the two young women I had been with. I had a hell of a time cumming, but finally managed after at least an hour of starting and stopping.
      After that, uncle Mel always sat and watched.

    • He must be your favorite uncle

    • Lol

    • Sick nonsense

    • I hope she shares what she saw with her father, and you are never allowed in their house again.

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