The man who hilds my leash

When I was in college I had meant to be a good student but the parties and the boys were so great I hardly ever did any schoolwork. And by boys I mean one guy. I was so addicted to his cock that I'd fantasize about it every second it wasn't in one of my holes. When I was with him I would do anything. I ate his ass, drank his piss, walked around all day with his cum in my hair, let his friends run trains on me...anything to earn a taste of his cock.

He was an upperclassman and graduated when I was a sophomore. I had to drop out of school due to my grades. I took some odd jobs, did some dancing and even some hooking on the side to support myself. I always imagined the guys were him and let them do anything to me. Eventually i pulled myself out of it and wrangled up a secretarial job. I eventually got married to a great guy and 16 years later I was doing great with two kids and still married.

But last week I was at the department store and he was there. I was frozen with shock because I never imagined I'd see him again. I told myself I hated him. But he just walked up to me and started talking like nothing had ever happened. But then he whispered in my ear that I may be an old cow now but I'd look young again covered in his cum.

In less than 10 minutes I was in his big SUV. He drove around to the back where the trucks make their deliveries but his cock was in my mouth before we even got there. He pushed me into the back seat with the tinted windows, tore my panties off and fucked me right up my skirt. He told me he missed his little piglet as he came inside me.

He told me to get naked and stay down so I stripped and lay in the back seat rubbing my cum filled pussy. He drove for a while before pulling into a garage. He pulled me out of the back seat and fucked me again, this time in the ass. He said he was glad I was still a hungry little cunt as he came again.

The rest of the day was exactly like I remembered in college. I crawled into the bathrom and he pissed on my face. I drank as much as I could but he was spraying everywhere because of the sex. Covered in urine he put me in a freezing cold shower. Without letting me dry off he took me to his bed and I ate his balls and asshole while he watched porn on tv.

We fucked so many times the rest of the day I passed out from exaustion. I woke up to find him scrollimg through my phone. I guess i told him the password but I dont remember doing it. He showed me a picture of my 14-year-old daughter Angie and when I told him who she was he jerked off on the phone screen and made me lick the cum off my daughter's picture. He told me I could never taste his cum again if I didn't give him my daughter's virginity.

Then he literally kicked me out of his bed and told me to go home.. Its been just over a week and I'm seriously considering sacrificing my daughter's virginity so I can continue being the fuckpig for a man who nearly ruined my life. I wonder if he'll fuck Angie's pussy or ass first.

4 months ago


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    • Hot! Any updates? Have you given him your daughter yet? It's sso sexy that you're willing to go from good wife and mom to cheating whore for him at the drop of a hat. ;)

    • You need to delete this man's number off your phone before you ruin your life, your daughter's life and your marriage. This is sick behavior. You have allowed this man to have total power over you, to humiliate you, degrade you, and you have to be strong and put a stop to it today, now. Delete his number, forget about him and don't ever put your daughter at risk of having sex with anyone it's her choice who to have sex with for the first time, not yours. You will ruin your relationship with the daughter I assume you love if you do this. Don't ever see this man again he is using you and has used you. What the hell have you gotten out of this relationship? Nothing but being used and abused. You must have a background of abuse. Well, don't let your daughter suffer like you did. It's enough, be strong, you can walk away now do it!

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