Girlfriend used in public by a stranger as I watched

I was watching a rock band with my girlfriend, when a man in the crowd started rubbing himself up against her from behind. When he saw that I had caught him, I thought he would stop, but he just grinned and carried on. Once he realised that I wasn't going to do anything about it, he unzipped his jeans and pressed himself against her ass. It was so crowded and dimly lit that no one else seemed to notice. My girlfriend didn't resist, she just stood there while he rubbed his swollen cock between her ass cheeks. He had one arm firmly around her waist pulling her tightly towards him and the other inside her top, massaging her breasts. I saw him tense up and tighten his grip on her breasts as spurts of cum splashed onto the back of her skirt. Once he had finished, he just wiped off his cock on her skirt and slipped away back into the heaving crowd.

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  • I like a girl that will submit to a dominant male

  • Who was playing?

  • What the hell? Who pays for the dry cleaning?

  • Did he break her vagina, or was it still ok?

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