Taking risks wearing a panty girdle brief

I'm a middle aged guy with a big time fetish for risky behavior while wearing ONLY my favorite fetish items (which are black brief style panty girdles or one piece ladies swimsuits.

This started in puberty and I wore and played around in every girdle brief and swimsuit I could get my hands on. I started with mother's things and moved on to my grandmother's and my aunt's things. Anytime I was alone in my or somebody else's house I would strip and pull on the closest girdle brief or swimsuit.

While wearing only the fetish item I would roam from room to room, pose in front of mirrors and play self bondage games. Later, I started going outside dressed like this. At first, just in hidden secure areas of the yard. Then, I started going into the woods and venturing further away.

The rush I received from being outdoors in only a control brief or women's swimsuit, while my clothes and safety were several hundred yards away was intense.

Still later, I started going driving in a control brief (always a black one) while leaving my clothes at home. I've driven up to 50 miles, each way, and stopped in unfamiliar but secluded locations and taken walks.

Just this evening, I walked to a vacant house several doors away. I had already gone there several days before to check it out, I entered thru a window and left the back door unlocked.

Tonight, I quickly entered the unlocked back door and searched the house to make sure I was alone. I stripped in front of some mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom and slipped into my of so snug control brief.

I spent the next hour walking around from room to room, occasionally dancing or striking some poses. It was so exciting. Especially, being able to see the people passing outside while I played my kinky games. I could see them well but I was only fairly reasonably sure they couldn't see me.

Before getting dressed and leaving, I got myself off while fantasizing about being caught there like that and put in bondage as well as being abducted, having many photos taken of me and blackmailed.

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  • Interesting. I wonder what the charges would be if you were arrested and whether they would allow you to get dressed or transport and book you like they found you.

  • Reading my published post was so exciting I had to go back to the vacant house again tonight and do that little thing I do again. I stayed there in the dark (there was a little light from the street lights) for two hours.

    After stripping and putting on my control brief, to make the experience more exciting, daring and dangerous, I put on a ballgag with an attached head harness as well as a posture collar and I cuffed my wrists behind my back. If anyone came in, I would be caught dressed in these items and handcuffed because it would be impossible to get the cuffs off in a panic.

    I spent a couple of highly aroused hours walking around the house listening for noises and looking out the windows or just standing and watching the traffic on the busy street outside.

    All kinds of fantasies ran thru my head as I walked around or stood in front of a window. I thought about the extreme humiliation of being caught by someone or arrested by a cop and it excited me very much. But the best fantasy was thinking about being caught and abducted. A canvas bag would be put over my head and tied around my neck before being locked in a car trunk (still handcuffed) and taken away to become a sissy maid and gay sex slave.

    One day I will arrange to make the getting caught and abduction fantasy come true. What are your thoughts? Good, bad or indifferent?

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