Honey, why are those two smelling their fingers?

My wife is a bit of a flirt.
She's very attractive - and knows it.
Recently we went to a night spot - where she likes to dance.
She asked me if I wanted her to "get a little flirty tonight?"
I said sure - then we can go home and fuck like crazy - as we always do after her adventures.
She was wearing a short summery dress. I watched her slip on a thong, Braless - she is not big breasted - just nice perky B-cups with pointy nipples.
5'7", 137lbs. Long blonde hair. 36 yrs old.
We found a table, had drinks. I'm not much of a dancer - but she loves to dance - and is a very good fast dancer.....which, she says, gets her "really hot!" (horny)
She is so pretty that guys are gong to come and ask her to dance - every time we go out.
So, she danced with 3 or 4 different guys. Fast dancing - and then later in to the evening - slow dancing over in the darker areas of the club. Her arms around their necks, body pressed close. Their hands on her lower back......I think.
Hard to tell from where I sat.
Then I noticed one guy go back to his buddy at their table after dancing with my wife. He did something a little different.
Then his buddy found my wife walking back to our table and returned her to the dance flow for a couple more slow dances. Then I saw him share something with his buddy back at their table.
That night, in bed with my sexy wife, as she was easing herself down on me - sliding me up into her cunt, I took her breast out of my mouth .....and I asked her, "Kathie - honey, why were those two guys smelling their fingers after they danced with you?!"
BAM - she dropped fully onto my dick and began slapping her crotch against me hard and fast , actually growling - "Oh my gosh - you SAW that? You knew they'd had their fingers in me....and you didn't say anything!?"

She was still so embarrassed at breakfast the next morning. But she'd made the mistake of putting that thong back on - under her short nighty. So I led her over and gently pushed her face down on the breakfast table and fucked her right along beside the string of that little blue thong! breakfast could wait....
That night was unusually "flirty" for her. Usually - the guys just get a little handsy with her tight little butt.....and do a little hard cock grinding against her mound. She's perfectly OK with that.
I will be using this for several more fucks - as I get all the details from her as we fuck....
All the details.

Mar 4

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    • Your wife is a sexy little thing. I like that she uses her pussy as a weapon of mass seduction. How long before the two of you bring multiple men home to fuck her wet cunt in front of you? I think that is where this is headed. Sounds fun. Good luck.

    • Your either lucky or unlucky depending on what type of relationship that you and your wife have.
      My wife liked to go dancing at least once a month. I'm not a dancer so she found a group of other wives and they had this routine down I guess that they got pretty wild.
      I overheard then one afternoon gossiping over coffee about one of their group getting fucked at the club right off the dance floor. What surprised me is that they were not so bothered by the fact that she got fucked as more by where she got fucked.
      Well later that day I told her that I'd hear what they said about Leslie and said you guys didn't seem to be shocked about what she did. First, she was pissed that I'd eavesdropped on them, then she said I had to keep it to myself.
      I told her I would if I'd get the whole skinny on this harmless girl's night out that she'd always told me about.
      she told me how some of the women were just looking for a hookup, but most of them just wanted to flirt. When I asked what she meant by that, she said you know, getting felt up rubbing their cocks against you, you know simple stuff.
      I didn't think that I was getting the truth so I said I'm going to see Leslie's husband and tell him all what you guys said unless your honest with me, because I can tell your being dishonest with me.
      found out that a lot of them had been fingered, that sex in the loo wasn't t that uncommon and if all other failed then it was out in the car park.

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