Wearing my neighbour's thong

..... watching porn while wearing my sexy mature neighbour's thong from the laundry room. Love it when she leaves in running through the evening, and when I am horny n drunk, I go down and look if she is doing her laundry. I have seen most of her panties I am sure by now. Love that she wears thongs all the time. That nice big ass, wish I could lick and kiss it, I would lick her asshole all night. This thong is a bit worn and stretched which i love, She has worn it often, Her big ass and hips has stretched it. Her pussy and asshole has rubbed several times :) As I wear it, I rub my asshole where her asshole will be. It's a light coloured thong, she might see some stain. If she doesn't, she would wear it and her asshole will be where mine was tonight. Fuck, that turns me on so much.

She blew me a kiss when I helped her with a package, I wonder if she suspects and secretly loves it too. A lady in her mid 40s wearing thongs, I want to lick her unwashed thongs so bad. I want to pull down her tights and fuck her every time we pass by each other in the corridor and every time I wonder which thong she is wearing. Want to have a threesome with her and my wife. She loves it when I tell her I want to watch her lick pussy when we fuck. She is fucking sexy when we fuck and the two of them together would surely be fucking awesome.

Once during summer, when we were newly moved in, i noticed something that looked like a thong in the community garden, made some excuse to go down and saw that it WAS a black unwashed thong, unwashed because of the stains. She lives two floors above me. At that time I was wondering which of my female neighbours it could be, now i know ;) always wonder what happened that a used thong could drop all the way down. Funny thing is, I left it hanging on the BBQ pit and by evening, it was gone. She must've wondered who found it and left it there :)

ok time to return the thong. :P

Before you jackasses try to spam this post...... I say fuck you and your family. :)

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