A smoking hot Jewish womans undies

About 6 months ago i was working at the home of a very sexy Jewish woman in her mid to late 30s. I swear this was one of the most attractive women i have ever seen in my life. She is about 5'4 thin, with a cute little ass and small firm tits, long wavy black hair and a beautiful face. and that sexy little ass was perfect!
She left me in the home alone while she took her kid to school and i had a short time before i knew she would be back home so as soon as her car pulled out the drive i ran to her bedroom and found the panty drawer right away and most were bikini style with a few thongs thrown in nothing to sexy.
Then i go into her walk in closet and there is the laundry basket and i see a very sexy red thong and i inspect it. the crotch looked a little funky so i put them back and found another pair which was a purple lace thong. that was perfect. i pulled out my hard cock and jerked off while i sniffed them. it only took about 15 pumps and i was shooting ropes of jizz all over her sexy thong a few squirts landed on the floor.
not long after that she came back home. I returned to the house to do more work a few weeks later and did the same thing with a pair of black pantyhose. I will be going back after the holidays and i am trying to figure out how i can hide a camera in her bedroom. Her router and modem are on the dresser right across from her bed which would be a perfect spot for a camera.

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  • Grew up in the 50's in an all white neighborhood -- everyone was Catholic or Protestant --a few Jews. Older teens giving sex advice said you'd never get to have sex with a Jewish girl, how they ever have kids is a mystery. That was a myth. Went to a state school and I met Linda, a senior at the first Fall Dance. Linda soon wore my dick out. She was Jewish and had an Ivy League fiance. She joked she was using me so she wouldn't forget how to please him. Then at 23 I moved in a trendy complex and met Joan, 45, young widow, Jewish -- at the pool. She is way hot for 45 and she flirts. So I hit on her she's like get the heck out -- I'm way too old. We end up fucking like bunnies. Her shrink says stop screwing the kid. Her mom says screw the kid -- he makes you happy. The shrike doesn't want competition. I did make her happy and taught her blowjobs. At first she was "oh no, blowjobs, oh no" about a month later that's all she wanted to do. And tells me she gave a hot salesman one at work. Had to tell you don't do that for someone trying to sell you, dummy. I created a BJ Queen.

  • Jewish women have hairy pussies, it’s like a forest down there.

  • Nothing better than a thick full bush

  • Why don't you just ask if she wants to fuck

  • Did she have a stinky pussy?

  • Like a dead Ohio river carp on a sidewalk in August in Cincinnati Ohio.

  • You'r a sick fuck! Hope she catches you especially with the camera and off to prison you go. Then you will be someones bitch.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • That camera shit is creepy and going to far. You had your fun, enjoy the memory.

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