Talking to my neighbour while wearing her thong

Some packages for my neighbour came by, took it for her. I wore her sexy lace thong the whole day, thinking of her. She's a plump blonde, sexy big ass and I took her used thong from the basket one day. I wore it in such a way that she might see it when I bend over to pick up the boxes. I was worried about her reaction but I didn't care... saw her return but didn't ring on my door, so when I saw her boyfriend leave, i went up to pass her the parcels. She was in an office dress. stockings. we spoke a bit and I gave her a hug. I wanted to feel her body and so i i did, all her fucking slut curves against my body. I want to fuck her big ass. I want her to suck my cock, I think she would love a cock in her ass. I want to lick her ass. The whole time i was wearing her panty, if only she knew

8 months ago


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    • Sexy

    • She was wearing a dress with pantyhose and I knew for sure she had a thong on.

    • I used to live next door to this hot single mother, our homes were connected. When I would babysit her kids, after they went to sleep, I would go through her dirty laundry, and put her clothes on, sniff her dirty panties, lay in her bed naked, and even try on some of her clean clothes. I was only 16 at the time, I used to spy on her through the skylight. There was a skylight to her bedroom and her bathroom, I spent so much time up there, I knew her routine. I even got to watch her have sex once, got lucky they left the light on. In the summer Sandy would leave her basement sliding door open, I would sneak back in knowing she was drunk and in a deep sleep, sometimes I would watch her, or feel her up, but that’s it. I’ve kept some of her dirty clothes for myself, and I too did hold a conversation with sandy while wearing her thong

    • Thanks for sharing. That was hot. Wish I could do all those to my neighbor

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