Did she cheat

I would like your comments don't hold back say what you think happened , say exactly , no matter how bad . my wife phoned me from work telling me she was going out that night , she said make sure water was hot , when she got in she asked me for a new razor , said could you get my clothes I want and put them on the bed . when she came downstairs she asked me how do I look , I said fantastic , she said I got to go , I asked her what time you coming home she said I won't be late then rushed off . I waited up for her and she didn't get in until 5.30 am , I made out I was asleep she went up to the bathroom she was quite a long time , so I listened she showered cleaned her teeth and got in to bed . I thought I'll try my luck jumped into bed and tried to touch her she would not have any of it , she told me she was tired go down stairs and leave me alone , I checked on her a couple of times and noticed she was making out she was asleep , much later on I went into the bathroom noticed all her clothes was in there all but her thong , next day I asked her where she had gone last night ,who she was with , and why so late , she was very vague she said with her friends just to the pubs and got talking , when I bring this up and ask again she gets angry and we end up arguing , I have never set eyes on her thong again

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  • She had an affair.

    As a psychotherapist, I've seen countless times that the thing that makes the most sense, even when denied, is the thing that happened in the end.

  • Just some perspective here: there's being late, and there is being LATE. I don't fuck around anymore, but when I did back in the day, it was usually like this: go out with the girls, drink a bunch, maybe meet up with some guys they know or have them join us, end up at someone's house/apartment/condo, get laid a few times by the guys, roll back home a sloppy mess and try to act natural.

    It's the 5:30 AM thing than indicates she was getting fucked. If she came home at 11:00, I might give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • I hope your wrong , But how will i ever really know

  • Thankyou for your comments , Anymore I would appreciate , Its been a eye opener , I wish I new what happened that night your comments help me too picture what could have happened , No matter how graphic its nice the honesty

  • I gradually realized my wife was cheating,after childbirth sex rarely happened,but that was my fault really cuz she was horny as hell and I found her to feel different down there.

  • One question I have is, does this happen often (going out with friends and not keeping you in the loop)? Another question is, how old is she? And lastly, how is your marriage (love, security, as well as your sex life)?

    I think she truly did cheat, and it's absolutely your right to know who she was with and where - and if I were you I'd continue to press for these answers until she tells you.

    Be prepared for what might be confessed to you though - it may turn out that she was taken advantage of, or it may turn out that it ended up being something she had no idea would take place (why she told you she wouldn't be out late, for instance).

    But the red flags are that she came home and shaved (I assume her lady parts), so she knew beforehand that there was a CHANCE something was going to happen. And the fact that she is vague on the details is a huge red flag as well (could be that she was drunk and truly doesn't remember), but why can't you know that she was out with Karen and Michelle from the office? Oh because you were also joined by Michael and Tim from the office too eh?

    My wife served as an alibi for a cheating co worker years ago, and somehow she got swept up into it as well (he brought a friend one time when the married guy met up with them by chance one night). She got in way over her head and next thing you know they were all doing things that married people should not have been doing with others. She confessed to me right away though and we were able to work through it - so this is a very important part that needs to happen here.

    Just my two cents.

  • Answers to questions , she does go out now and again with little notice , she would rather go out without me sometimes , She is 31 , I thought everything was OK , she was not drunk just a bit distant , And yes next day a caught her getting out of the shower and she had a BALD pussy but she would have to with that thong it was tiny

  • She definitely slept with another man but don't be mad at her. Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want. If she gives you the privilege of cleaning her well fucked pussy you have a keeper! Your a lucky man to have such a lovely wife. Get her to admit it and praise her for fucking other men! Nothing sexier than a wife who will let you watch her fuck other men and loves cuckolding you!!!!

  • From a women's stand point, and it's just me, but she could've been taken advantage of by a friend, probabaly did cheat, and sleep with someone else, I've done it all. And yes I've came home without my panties or bra a few times, had men cum inside me or all over me. So I believe she did have an affair with someone else.

  • I would love to eat your cum filled pussy. Nothing sexier than a woman who sleeps around and admits it!

  • Dude, sorry man, but she got fucked. I'd hire an investigator to follow her around and find out who it is that is giving her nut.

  • Or just let her fuck whoever she wants and share her sexual experiences with you.

  • You should have eaten that cream pie with that ganged banged pussy.

  • Hell yeah! I would marry her and let her fuck whoever she wants as long as she gives me permission to eat her pussy! Nothing sexier than a woman who will openly fuck other men!!!!

  • Most definitely! Eating a well fucked pussy is a privelege!

  • Do you think that's what happened , what would you have done

  • Just remember nothing good happens after midnight

  • Except a woman who will cheat on you and let you know about it. So so sexy!

  • Don’t be so fucking stupid and asking us this question, you know what kind of answer you’re going to get. As for her thong she probably stuffed them up her pussy to soak up the big load that was dripping from her and threw them out the car window before she got home.

  • What's your point? He's lucky to have a woman who will openly fuck other men and loves cuckolding you.

  • You should have grabbed her and fucked her hard. Stop this shit now. Be a man

  • Being a man is letting her get all the dick she desires and if your lucky giving you sloppy seconds.

  • Luvtocuck your an annoying little twit

  • Yeah, defo...she is getting creamp'ied

  • I think you know.

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