Curvy women in leggings.

I love watching women in black leggings, particularly if they are cheap ones, i.e. primark. Its so sexy watching her nice curvy arse jiggle about in them, especially if she is wearing heels! I like thick ones if they are tight and show off the contours of her arse, but my favourite is really thin see through ones! That way you know exactly what kind of knickers she is wearing or lack thereof.

Mar 4

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    • See-through leggings are the greatest invention ever for those of us with exhibitionist tendencies. Legal carte blanche to walk about in public seemingly innocently, but actually showing everyone my knickers, the outline of my lips and the shape of my bum. God, I love them.

    • You've been given a licence to thrill.

    • Best thing you can do for free is look at women.❤️

    • My secret for attracting attention is to wear overstretched leggings that are a size too small and just thin enough to show the outline and colour of my knickers or if I'm feeling really daring, my knickerless bare bum 😉 x
      Rosie Cheex

    • Like the sound of that! Would like to hear more about it. My email is if you would like to talk.x

    • I'm a bbw and never wear knickers at all.

    • Please tell me you wear Teva sandals!

    • I LOVE thick white chicks in leggings that also wear Teva sandals.
      Thank you Teva! You make thick chick toes look sexy!

    • You do know that is why we wear them, don't you? To drive men crazy.
      I go to the shopping centre wearing sheer black leggings and a red thong underneath, wiggling my bum as I walk and watching men's reactions.

    • And we thank you for what you do!

    • My pleasure! It's something that I intend to carry on doing for as long as it gives a cheap thrill to onlookers and myself. Especially myself.

    • Love exhibitionist women! I would love to hear more. If you want to talk,my email is

    • No offence, I'm sure you're a lovely bloke, but I'm not keen on giving my email address to an Internet stranger.

    • Nothing like grabbing a fat ass and drilling your cock until you splash your seed up their cunt!

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