Am I cheating or doing the right thing

To start of, I've never cheated on my husband and I love him greatly. We have a young family but currently under an enormous amount of financial pressure. My husband doesn't work, not by his choice but being a fulltime carer for his sick mother, so I'm working as much hours as I can and even extra jobs when available.

One day, out of the blue, Jerry, a guy messages me and says he remembers seeing my resume many years ago when I applied for a job in which I got. He said he is part owner of the business and was very happy with the way I worked there. Long story short, he asked if I wanted to work for him as his PA/Accounts person. I'd be looking after finances for most of his investments. The pay is a 6 figure amount (something I could never dream of getting) and the perks are great also. A new car, mingle with A List clients and attend multiple dinners/parties in and out of the state and even overseas.

I decided to take the job offering and started to work for him. Our finances has improved greatly and my husband now can cater for his mother and also not feel the stress of trying to make ends meet. 3 months into the job I had to attend a gala dinner out of state with Jerry, and mu husband has always been supportive and said it's in your job description. But OMG wasn't it glamorous! Jerry told me to buy the very best dress and do anything needed to be the star attraction of this dinner and gave me his credit card. I did just that and he was most satisfied with the results.

As the evening progressed, the majority of attendees were drunk and made their way to their own hotel rooms and so did I. Jerry escorted me to my room and asked if I needed anything. I said the dress took another set of hands to put it on and asked if he could help take it off. I asked if that's what I wanted being a gentleman. He helped unstrap the back lace and the dress slowly peeled off. He said wow you're wearing a G-String! I quickly pulled the dress to cover as much as I could and then sat on the bed. I said not normally, but the shop said it was part of the dress. He was very honest and said I had a sexy bum and body given I had given birth to 2 kids. He commented how well I looked after myself even when money was a problem.

After a while he asked if I needed anything else before going to his room. For some reason I asked the name of the champaign we had and he said he wasn't sure and would find out. He rung room service and asked them to bring up a bottle to see. It arrived and I just wanted to drink a glass so we did.

One thing left to another and the next thing I knew, I was asking him to help remove my bra when he moved my glass away and slowly kissed my neck and started to make out with me. I was motionless as this has never happened to me before from another man. I just felt his soft lips on my neck and shoulders. The bra came off and he lay me gently onto the bed and made his way to my nipples. The feeling was so intense I just couldn't let it stop and pulled his head towards my nipples. While kissing and sucking my nipples he slid my dress and G-String off and I felt so wanted. He slowly rubbed my clit and it was concrete hard and wet! I told him my husband would normally lick my clit and put two fingers inside my pussy, of which he did also. I climaxed and came so hard with my whole body shacking and pushing his head harder into my pussy. He got up and we kissed, something I've never done before after the lips had licked and kissed my pussy. It was strange but I didn't even push him away.

I then undid his belt and pulled down his pants and undies to expose a cock thicker and longer than my husband's. I put it into my mouth and started giving him a slow juicy blowjob. The feelings was so intense I forgot to think if it'll fit into my pussy and layed myself on the bed with pussy opened. He mounted and slowly inserted his cock into my pussy and even though it hurt, I couldn't push him away. Soon he was pumping away gradually getting harder and deeper. He asked for me to get onto the floor and rammed me from behind while rubbing my anus. Even at times he'll push what left like his thumb into my anus. After a while, he told me he was going to come and I asked him not to come inside as I wasn't on birth control and so I layed back on the bed and he started to ram much harder and faster until he took it out and pushed his warm cum across my belly button close to my nipples. A few squirts later, he dropped and layed next to me. I kissed him and went into the showers.

It wasn't until I was in the showers I started to feel regret and fearful if I had gotten pregnant. I was in there for like and eternality and Jerry followed and said he was going back to his room. He said this was a once off and knew I had a husband and kids.

I must say this hasn't happened again but still work for Jerry and it has been almost a 1 year now. We haven't talked about it and don't want my marriage to break up over this one incident.

Did I cheat or was it simply a once off???

Feb 20


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    • As long as you are taking care of your husband's needs and you don't catch an STD I say fuck away. I have thought of having sex with other people just to get my needs taken care of and that doesn't make me love my girl any less.

    • Forget it happened and move on.
      It's been a year and he's not acting weird so that's a relief.
      It was just a on time thing.

    • Yes, you cheated, but, for now, it was a one-time fling. That said, like Female-52 said, when I was cheating, sex with my wife was better because what she wouldn't do for me, I got elsewhere thus relieving my expectation for more at home.

    • I agree with you. When my wife went frigid on me, that's when it all began. And it wasn't all about sex. I missed the affection and the attention and so did all the women i had affairs with

    • Female-52
      So you had sex while traveling for work, big deal. We all do it. It's the fun part about traveling for work.
      I've been married to the same man for 27 years and had countless 'encounters' while away on business but I've always came home to my husband and fulfilled his bedroom needs.
      I'll admit, having sex with a few bosses over the years has advanced my career too.
      Don't be ashamed. If you enjoyed it. Keep doing it. It will improve your sex life at home too.
      Please learn from this. Keep a secret stash of condoms with you at all times. Don't be afraid to tell your 'partner' to wear one. Trust me. I've done this a lot over the years and always insisted on a condom. You wouldn't believe how quickly a man will run to the hotel store or drug store to get one. That's why I started keeping a secret stash in one of my travel bags hidden compartments.

    • My wife is the same way, any time she travels without me she gets herself fucked as much as possible. Just the way it's always been and honestly I think its hot. Make sure that no drama follows you home and everything should be fine!

    • Nice script for a porn movie scene!

    • You cheated and there no excuse for it. But this happens all the time there nothing wrong and you didn't get prego. You guys have seemed to keep your hands off each other move on forget about it.

    • Yes, you cheated but if you don't do it again it will remain a "once-off." You owe your husband either:

      A mulligan if he ever gets caught or admits to cheating or...

      Fulfill one of his fantasies that you would normally be a hard "no" on to make it up to him.

    • The main thing is you enjoyed his bigger dick inside you and all I would have like better if he had slid it in your anus a little it’s ok don’t feel guilty

    • Of course you cheated!i had many affairs while i was married and even though some never went past s bj its still cheating

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