70 years

70 years of fucking and still enjoy strange.

Feb 20


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    • What happened to you?

    • My friend want me to have sex with her I have never seen another women except my mom naked what do I need to do let her lead maybe ?

    • I guess you are not talking to me anymore?

    • Hey Daddy I went and stayed with Kaylee and my mom kept my phone and yes we had some good sex I even let her step brother fuck me in my ass and god it felt so good if he would have had a rubber I would have let him in my pussy but her fucked my ass as Kaylee licked my pussy he’s 26

    • Does kaylee have email? Or a phone?? Hard to believe nobody has email or phones

    • I wish i could have been there to watch. I still would like a picture. Was he big?

    • He was big and it hurt but it was so good

    • I hope i get pictures soon

    • Where are you?

    • Are you going to see kaylee again? I want some pictures baby!

    • Good morning. Did you do it with Kaylee? Does she have email?

    • Yes we did last night wow I really enjoyed that she was amazing and I was shocked about rimming she stuck her tongue up into my butthole I freaked out a little but enjoy it we going to do it again I like the taste of her pussy 🤗

    • Did you take pictures for daddy? Did she use a toy on your? Tell me everything in detail

    • We didn’t take pictures sorry she come up behind in her bedroom and started rubbing my boobs and then kissing my neck and moved one hand down into my shorts and onto my pussy she pushed her finger inside me and I started to quiver then she turned me around and undressed me and told me to lay back on the bed she got on her knees and put my legs over her shoulders and started kissing my pussy and then she went down to my butthole and stuck her tongue in it and pushed it in and out of my butt I liked it and she came up and licked the top of my pussy and I felt so amazing I had orgasm in her mouth and she told me Thank You ? I just kissed her pussy and licked it at the top and she orgasm in my mouth it was a sweet kind of taste I like it better that the boy at the stores cum we doing it tonight to are you proud of me Daddy?

    • Very but i want pictures of both you

    • Yes. Take lots of pictures

    • One question I didn’t ask Kaylee because I just said sure not to look dumb she ask if I would like to be rimmed is that with a dildo or something I guess? I need to know what that means?

    • Yes baby. With a dildo or a toy, maybe even her tongue. Take lots of pictures

    • Hi Anthony Allison I think I really done something bad and I feel bad that I did it I don’t want to tell you because I thank it was bad wrong but felt good and I was so Horny if I can tell you anything for sure this would be it

    • Let me know when you get phone baby

    • I will never think bad about yoi

    • Tell me anything babygirl

    • I couldn’t help myself I had anal sex with our family’s German Sheppard it felt so good at first but her swoll inside me and it hurt a lot but I did like the feeling of him pumping in me and the swollen part was a good hurt I guess I shouldn’t have done that should I

    • If you needed it, then its Ok baby

    • Thank you for not making me feel bad I want to feel a real man pulse cum in me like Wally did I’m not going to let him in my pussy but I may do anal some more thank you again for letting me tell you these things I wish you were my daddy I would do all this for you

    • I really wish i could see you!!

    • I really want you inside me and make me feel like a dirty girl I want you to do all my holes Daddy and I want to watch you fuck one of your step daughters

    • If you had email i would send you pictures and videos babygirl

    • I wish I could my friend is going to help me get a phone my parents don’t know about I want to see you stroke yourself and shoot off 🤗

    • Let me know as soon as possible baby

    • I. Move to the top

    • Anthony I have a question I may have messed up I just fucked myself with a rubber handle hair brush in my anus and it did hurt at first but started feeling good after I got to rubbing my clit to but now my anus is sore and I had a little blood around my butthole is this normal or have I messed up I’m scared now

    • Where are you sweetie

    • Were you thinking about daddy when you did it?

    • Yes I was I’m wanting a real guy more and more each do

    • I wish you could send me just one picture babygirl

    • Nothing wrong baby. Its normal the first time. Try something smooth and use lube baby

    • Thank you daddy

    • You are welcome

    • Anthony my daddy I’ve been thinking about you licking my pussy till my juices run out and then you roll me over and fuck me deep in my ass so i can feel very dirty and nasty I really want to be use as a dirty girl

    • Thought about you last night

    • Good morning love

    • I wish i could see what you look like

    • Did you masturbate last night?

    • I did thinking of you daddy

    • Did cum thinking about daddy?

    • Will you let me cum in your ass or do you want it in your mouth?

    • I want it in both of them and in my pussy too if you think I wouldn’t get pregnant I did like the taste of that boys cum

    • I will cum wherever you want me to baby

    • Have you ever cum inside a girl and pulled out of her pussy and she sucked you as soon as you pulled out of her just a thought

    • Yes. Many times. My oldest stepdaughter loved doing that. Would you like to taste your juices on daddy?

    • 😍🥰😜I sure would would your step daughter let me taste her pussy just asking I’ve never did I’d but would really make me feel dirty of course I want you to teach me

    • I will teach everything you want baby. I would love to watch you please another girl my dirty little girl😘

    • Hi Anthony sorry but I just got my phone back my mom took it for a stupid reason now I really want to come let you make love to me and let someone enjoy me instead of nagging me all the time

    • Morning baby

    • And can i pump your pussy full of daddy's cum?

    • Where are you baby girl

    • I would love to taste you. Lick your pussy until you cum

    • Good morning baby

    • I missed you baby girl. Have you been thinking about me? And you can ask me anything anytime sweetie. You never made me mad

    • I’m lying here naked in my bed thinking about shaving my pubic area my mom would just have to get mad she says it’s not right but I see other women smooth bottom and it looks sexy to me what do you like

    • I love it bald baby. Did you miss me?

    • I did I shaved myself bald last night and it feels so good and I feel more like a dirty girl now

    • Are you my dirty little girl? Did you masturbate thinking about me?

    • I did masturbate thinking of you pushing your dick in me and I licked my fingers after I had my orgasm on them then I put one finger in my butt and it felt good do you like to play with girls butts

    • Are you my dirty little girl?

    • I wish I was there to be daddy’s dirty girl

    • And what would you want daddy to do?will you call me daddy while i am fucking your tight virgin pussy?

    • Yes I would call you daddy pump your dick into deep daddy

    • Yes i do. Would love to have you doggie style with my cock in your pussy and my finger in your ass. Would you like that?

    • Yes my Daddy I think I would and maybe even try to go in my ass easy with your dick maybe I might not be able to take it but I would like to try that would make me feel dirty

    • I like it when you call me daddy. Will you call me that while i am inside you? Talk dirty to me.
      Do you want to ask me anything?

    • Sorry I made you mad about you step daughters being with me sorry sorry Mr. Anthony I should not have said that

    • Good morning

    • Why aren't you saying anything ?

    • Please talk to me

    • Are you sure ? I thought you might not have liked me asking about your step daughters

    • No baby. You can ask me ANYTHING i promise. I love talking to you. I think it would be hot watching you with them

    • My baby could never make me mad😘

    • You didn't make me mad baby! I will tell you anything you want to hear. I have no secrets my babygirl

    • Anthony I’m in my bed naked and I am playing with my pussy in pinching my nipples as you said I like it and i’m going to make myself orgasm and taste my own juices I want to know what I feel like to have a man make me orgasm and feel him cum in me I bet it’s like heaven?

    • You never have to apologize to me sweetie. You can ask me anything you want anytime you want. I have no secrets

    • Yes my stepdaughters loved girls too and each other. What would you do with them? What would daddy do while you are playing with them?
      Are you going to be a good daddy s girl like they were?

    • Good morning babygirl

    • Were you thinking about me? And tell me how

    • Hi Anthony I woke up this morning with my sheet soaked from last night I made myself orgasm a lot I wish you could penetrate my pussy as deep as you can push it in and pump in and out of me and before you squirt your cumi want to suck you dick snd taste my pussy juices mix with your juice then I want to try to fit you dick in my anus slow and easy till you get it all in me 🤗

    • I love it when a girl tastes both of our juices. Did you think about me?
      I love when you talk dirty to me. What would you say to me while i am fucking you hard and deep?

    • Please down stop I want to feel what it feels like for a guy to pump his juices in me please hold me tight as you take my naked body I will do what you tell me to learn more about how to please a man

    • Yes baby girl. Daddy will make love to your entire body.
      Did you think about me while you played with your pussy?

    • I did and I’m naked in my bed now my parents are at work I have a carrot with a condom on it I’m going to close my eyes and insert it in me and think of you pushing up into me after I orgasm I’m going to eat my own juices I woul love to taste you juices too

    • Allison? Are you still there?

    • I would love to taste you too baby.
      Ill be thinking about you while i stroke myself. Do you like being called daddy's girl?

    • I do like daddy’s girl You said ask anything I wish so here goes would your step daughter be into another girl I have also wanted to to try that and I know you have had sex with them an that’s so hot I wish there was a way to have you and them teach me you make me so happy and horny Daddy🤗🤗

    • Should I’ve not ask about your step daughters I’m sorry I just didn’t know

    • I can't wait to make you orgasm. I would love to make you cum with my tongue And my fingers deep inside you before i penetrate you

    • I cant see your last comment. Can you resend it please baby girl

    • It’s at the top of your now let me know if you got it

    • Italian this is Allison did I say something if I did I’m so sorry I guess my parents are right I will never be good with men

    • Cant wait to talk to you again

    • Are you mad ?

    • No not at all

    • Where are you baby

    • I wish we could email or text privately

    • I would love to seduce you. Have a glass of wine on the couch. Then start kissing deeply as i take your clothes off slowly. I would kiss and lick your nipples, pulling on them hard while i slide my fingers inside your wet pussy.
      Then i would make you take my throbbing cock in your mouth and make you suck it and take it all in
      I would take you to the bedroom and make you bend over the bed so i can lick your pussy and drive my tongue deep inside it. When you are ready, i want you to tell me "fuck me daddy" and i will slide my cock slowly inside your virgin pussy......more later if you want baby

    • Oh my Jesus that is the hottest thing a man has ever said to me I want to read more like this I can read this while I masturbate myself please Mr. Anthony tell me more !

    • Describe what you want me to do to you

    • I really want to try it all could you show me I mean blow job pussy insertion and I really think I want to try it in my anus how would we do all that and what order would you make me do it?

    • First i want to teach you how to suck properly. Would you let me cum in your mouth? I cum a lot. Then i would love to feel your tight pussy and make sure it feels good for both of us and then definitely i would love to slide it in your ass baby. Will you beg me to fuck you everywhere?

    • Yes sir I liked the taste of cum from the boy at the store I know yours would be better and I like you saying it would feel good to both of us and going slow I know it will hurt a little but that will be ok with a man that knows what he’s doing and I would beg you to fuck me everywhere that gets my nipples hard and my pussy wet I guess you could put your cum I’m in my anus I don’t know about my pussy I’m not on birth control my parents don’t believe in it I would let a young guy do that to me but I think it would be ok with a older guy I don’t know ?

    • Send me a regular picture of you
      You could always delete it from history

    • Describe your body for me. In detail

    • I will cum wherever you want me too babe
      I want you to tell me what you want me to do to you. Or you to me. Express yourself freely. Talk as dirty as you want. I like that

    • Thanks for letting me know it’s ok to talk dirty I would want you to touch ever single inch of my pale naked body with your dick I also seen some porn with my friend where guys spray cum on their boobs and the girls run their fingers through it and lick their fingers I would like that and I want to do what ever to my pussy oral to make me orgasm I do drip a lot of women juice when I orgasm🤗

    • The dirtier you talk, the more i get turned on. I would love to lick your pussy until you cum on my face. Then you will kiss me with your juices still on my lips
      I would love to lick every inch of your body and yes i would love to cum all over your nipples and have you lick it

    • My parents are home I have to go in there for dinner and we have bible meeting but soon as I get back to my room I want to talk dirty more

    • I hope so

    • Moved up

    • I will tease your clit with my cock , rubbing it on your pussy lips getting you nice and wet first before i slide it slowly in until i take your virginity. Then i will slowly fuck you making sure that with every stroke i drive it deeper and deeper
      Then i will lay on my back so you can climb on top of me while i suck and bite your nipples.....

    • Ok I’m rubbing my pussy for you now I’m really getting into this

    • Talk dirty to me

    • Please stop saying that sweetie. I am still here

    • And its Anthony babe

    • No sweetie. Everything is Ok. I wanted to watch you but i can only imagine your young virgin body

    • Thank you for wanting to see me I’m glad I can talk with some one if I could come to Vegas i would feel like a super model for you god thank you for being so nice to me I wish I could send you pictures can you teach me what you would like me to tell you I want to talk dirty my parent will leave for work later I’ll be alone and I want to know how to get men excited

    • Will you dress really sexy? Tell me what you would wear

    • I would love to wear an short black skirt for you and no underwear and my boobs almost showing my nipples and some high heel black boots does the turn you on a little?

    • Yes it does. Your hair down. No panties and no bra. Your hard nipples poking through

    • Allison didn’t post about the penis sucked I described myself under that post

    • Is this allison?

    • I like sucking older retired guys, gets my dick hard

    • I have long brown hair brown eyes I’m pale skin I’m 5’6 tall and 152 pounds I did shave my pubic area and I have to keep that hidden from my mom thanks for the advice on anal how big is your penis ?

    • Yes i wish i could show you What a real man would do to you. Did you play with yourself today? Wish i could have watched you or you could have watched me

    • How big are your breasts?

    • Sorry I forgot 34C your penis is big the guy I sucked was maybe 5 I bet that would hurt someone like me but I would try to do it will that fit in a girls anus just wondering again sorry to ask these questions but I really don’t know these things I can only wear dresses and they are full dresses I wish I could wear a mini skirt just one time to know the feeling no guy has ever answered these questions for me Thank you do much sir

    • How old are you really

    • I am 19 my parents are so religious I was home schooled and not allowed to do much I don’t even hav a driver licenses I wish I could find a guy and leave here

    • Tell me more about your body

    • My mom and dad are at work so I’m going to the store for a condoms I think I’m going to try anal with a carrot I wish you could see my naked body to tell me if it’s nice or ugly Thant you again for talking to me

    • You can always text me

    • Good morning. Wish you could come to Vegas

    • Me too

    • So. Are you still a virgin?

    • Yes except for carrots and a cucumber once but never a man before

    • I wish we could trade pictures. Would love to see that virgin body. You are making me hard

    • I would love to see that hard and feel what a real man feels like and I would suck you to and you could show me how men really like to be sucked🤗

    • I like small breasts. Are you nipples small? And yes many women, including my stepdaughter, have taken it all the way in. Lots of lube. And you can ask me anything. I wish we could trade pictures

    • Yes my nipples are kind of small but I can get two fingers in my pussy it’s took awhile to achieve that I would love to see pictures of your big dick I can’t believe I called it that but I’m tired of being held down on everything

    • How can i show you? And you can be open with me. Are you still a virgin? If not, when was your first time and tell me all about it. I love small nipples

    • Mine is over 7inches and very very thick

    • I’m 19 year old female and I have always wanted to try snd older cock

    • I am 63 and italian. Always loved young pussy want to chat? Lol

    • Yes but I live with my mom and dad and they are very religious so I have to do it on sits like this I can’t email but I would love to hear about you

    • What do you want to know? Where are you located? Can you texts?

    • In Fort Worth Texas no I only have internet on my iPod do older guys cum more that a younger guy and can y’all last longer ?

    • What do you look like?

    • Any other questions?

    • Yes. I cum a lot and multiple times.
      I fucked my gf 8 times in one night. Does that answer your question? Lol

    • Yes sir I really wish I could get with a guy like yourself but I have never been able to let someone teach me because of my parents watching over me do you have oral sex with girls too and I have a lot of questions about anal sex sorry to worry you with questions but I just found this site and this is my first time to do something like this that I can delete and come back to without my parents knowing I have sucked a guys penis once behind the store I walk to but that’s it and I liked the taste of his sperm

    • Ask me anything you want sweetie. I am an open book. And i enjoy sharing with you

    • Thank you so much for talking to me I’m Allison I am wanting to have sex with an older guy because I am shy and have never did this before I watched porn at a friends house and I really like the way older guy treats the girl I don’t want a young guy that just slams his penis into me like I saw them do I do finger myself and I I bought a condom at the store and when my parents were gone for the day I put a carret in it and made my self orgasm it felt so good I want to get another one and do it anal but I’m scared any tips on how to do this and it not hurt me? Thanks you sir for your help

    • For anal, you need lube for sure especially if the man is big like me. Wish we could exchange pictures.
      Tell me what you look like. And older guys don't just slam lol

    • Up top to the comment box please sir

    • I’m going to go back to the comment box

    • Hard to see comments now. Start over

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