How I lost my virginity

This is how I lost my virginity. You can believe what you want but I just want to tell people. When I was around 14 years old my moms friend moved into our house. With her she brought her two kids and a black lab named Remey. Remey was not the best mannered dog. I don’t think the friend paid much attention to him. He humped everyone, but it was nice being able to play with a big dog for once. I started to notice something odd. When I was playing with him, he would begin to hump me. I would push him off but I realize I had an erection. I didn’t think to much on it until it kept popping up in my head. I started to realize I found this black lab to be quite attractive. I went to the internet for help and boy did it help. I started to realize I might have an attraction to dogs. I decided to try out this theory. He was in my room with no one else. I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide in while I slide mine in his muzzle, making out so to speak. It turned me on. As the time went on I stumbled upon a guide, this guide talked about dog sex. I learned quite a bit from it. One day, everyone in the house was leaving. They asked if I wanted to go. I said no. Butterflies filled my stomach. I could feel my breath getting short. I watched everyone leave and waited a bit to make sure they were not coming back. I walked up to my room and I could hear Remey behind me like he always did. This was it. I was hard and sat down and make out with him. He was eager as always. I reached down and grabbed his sheath. I jerked it a bit and saw his red cock. I reached down and put my lips around it. The taste was awful at first. I didn’t care. I sucked his cock a bit but he started to try and hump so I stopped that. I moved in to the balls a bit. Licking and sucking. Spitting out a few little hairs here and there. I laid down for a bit and let him lick my cock. He seemed to like the pre cum and kept licking it up. Then I decided to try it. The real deal. Sex. I got naked, got on all fours and showed him my ass. At first he just kicked my ass. His long tongue felt great going in and out, up and down. He got excited and started to hump me. He kept trying to jump my face. If I could get him on my back it would work. With a bit of work I turned around and he grabbed my hips. He must have been inexperienced like me, because he missed a lot. One of his jabs hit my asshole right on the edge. It hurt a bit and I got a bit scared and figured I would try again another time. Little did I know it was too late for second thoughts. The close call was just enough for him to aim true. As I was about to get up his cock slide right into my hole. I felt pain, but not as much as I thought I was going to. Maybe it was the pleasure, adrenaline, or both. Once his cock made its way in, it was only seconds before he was balls deep in me. I could hear the sound of his crotch slapping my ass. His balls slapping mine. This was it. Whether I wanted to or not, I was losing my virginity to a black lab. It felt amazing. The pure animal nature of it all, his panting, his cock it all felt good. His claws dug into my hips leaving scratches. I didn’t mind at all. It held good being underneath of this dog. It felt right. It felt like forever but I am sure it didn’t take long. He came inside of me. I would feel his cock sliding out of my ass as he reached down to lick it. I was lucky I didn’t get knotted or it would have been a long wait. It didn’t take much for me to cum after. A few jerks and it shot right out. I was panting a bit myself. I just sat there, a bit of his cum running down my ass, thinking about what happened. This dog, this animal just took my virginity, and I didn’t mind one bit. Years later the friend would move away, along with my lover. I would be lying if I said that was the last time we had sex, hell it wouldn’t even be the last dog I got fucked by. To this day I do not regret it at all. Of course I don’t tell my boyfriends the truth about my virginity, but maybe the right one I will. (Disclaimer: I’m into zoophilia, not beastiality. I don’t not like hurting animals and I only let them fuck me if they want to.) And that is the story of how I lost my virginity to a dog.


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  • It’s funny how a guy post about losing his virginity to a dog and gets nothing but hate, and yet a girl does it as well and gets nothing but praise...

  • This guy should just be turned into a dog. Then he can have all the sex he wants and if they make him female, he can start a nice family

  • Having a dog act sexually with you is harming them ass hole. Ps stop posting as a girl we can all tell that idiot. Sorry typo below but you still are a guy!

  • Lol

  • Having a dog act sexually with you is harming them ass hole. Ps stop posting as a guy we can all tell that idiot.

  • I had a dog every time Ijacked off the dog would be there to lick up my cum and she would not miss acdrop

  • You without a doubt are a sick fuck.

  • Shut the fuck up guy! God there is some really sick fucking men here!
    You really think we believe this fucked up story?
    If you do then the dog is smarter than you sick fuck.

  • If you don't like what you read here don't log in you fucking idiot

  • Don't write fake assed stories and you won't hear from me ass hole.

  • I used to enjoy a dog licking my cock but that is as far as I would go.

  • Try bending over for one once, it’s a good time!

  • You should be castrated right now.

  • Why?

  • Because you have a sick mind to think of that or worse yet let it happen. Castrate you right now so you can't produce any offspring with the same mental illness as you have.

  • Well unless he becomes a female dog I don’t think he will be producing any offspring anytime soon

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