Bus Trip with MIL

I recently took a Bus trip with my mother in law to Colorado.
She asked me if I could do her a favor and go with her to Colorado on the Bus?
I said that I could drive her there, but she insisted on going on the bus.

I gave in and said I would be more than happy to go with her.
My mother in law is a 64 year old Mexican woman, she's short,a little chubby.
So the next morning we took an Uber to the bus station.
We boarded the bus, found a seat all the way at the back of the bus (the one close to the bathroom).
The bus was running on schedule as we departed to Denver on a very long 20 hour bus ride!
My mother in law thanked me for going with her.
I put my arm around her saying that she is very welcome.
As hours went by very slowly, we talked about this and that. She told me about all her worries and problems as she started tearing up.
Not knowing what I should do to comfort her, so I grabbed her hand and held it. And gave her a little kiss on her hand.

She really liked that, so every few miles I would pull her hand to my lips and give her little kisses.
She said my kisses feel nice on her hand.
And she really loved the attention and affection I was showing her.
I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
And said to her jokingly that if she's good she'll be rewarded with more kisses.
She laughed and said to me that she was going to be a real good girl the whole trip because she wanted more kisses.
So as we talked I was still holding her hand and kissing it. And every few miles I would Lean towards her" time for a kiss" after the first hundred miles of kisses to her cheeks, my kisses were slowly moving towards her lips. I rearranged our fingers fingers on our hands and put our hands to rest on my chest.
She snuggled up really close to me resting her head on my shoulder.
I moved our hands close to my lips, rubbing my lips on each finger,(romantically caressing my lips on her fingers).
Kissing her cheeks every few minutes instead of every few miles. Getting closer to her lips.
The kisses and my lips caressing her fingers was getting her a little turned on.
I knew it was because her hand was getting sweaty and her face was getting flushed. After a 6 hour ride the bus stopped in a small town. My mother in law was getting a little hot and bothered.
We got off the bus to go to the convenience store, she grabbed my arm walking close to me like a young couple in love.
We got ourselves some snacks and I got me a 6 pk of heer and headed back to the bus.
As we walked to our seat, my hand rubbed against her ass a few times.
I apologized for touching her ass. She just laughed saying it's no big deal don't worry. So I giggled and said that I should of grabbed your butt instead of just rubbing it!
She turned to me with a sexy smile"'why didn't you? Maybe at the next stop you'll have your chance"
I wrapped my arms around her from behind as I kissed her cheek I could feel her lips touch mine.

She snuggled really close to me reaching for my hand to hold, resting it palm down on her boob.

I spread my fingers getting a better feel of her boob, as I kissed her at the same time getting a little more lips.
It started to get dark as we continued the trip.
My hand was grabbing more and more boob,every kiss moved closer to her lips with less lips on the cheek.
When it was completely dark outside the bus lowered the lights to a dim setting.
My mother in law slid my hand off her boob moving it to the middle of her chest, making sure that she got a couple of my fingers between her blouse and buttons.
I could feel her bra with my fingers that were in her blouse.
Slowly moving my fingers in a circular motion against her bra, sliding my fingers out of her blouse unbuttoning three buttons.
My mother in law's body was trembling a little, breathing harder she lets go of my hand as she opens up her blouse where I unbuttoned it,grabs my hand putting it inside her bra
Feeling her soft saggy boob gently squeezing her nipple, I kiss her lips.
Her body passionately shaking as she wimpers softly.
Repositioning our selves we cover ourselves with a small blanket.
She unbuckles her bra unbuttoning the rest of her blouse, I put my head under the blanket kissing her neck down to her saggy boobs I kiss her huge nipples as I softly start sucking them, my mother in law whispers in my ear "unbutton your pants" as she licks my ear kissing my neck as I unbutton a pull down the zipper.she puts her hand inside my boxers grabbing my throbbing hard cock she rubs it all over as she slowly strokes it up and down. She squeezes my cock tighter stroking faster as I kiss her neck and squeeze her nipples.
She stops stroking my cock and tells me to suck her nipples real hard, I suck her nipple as I squeeze the other one, sucking each boob, putting my hand between her legs I rub her pussy, feeling her warm pussy juices soaking her pants, she puts her hand inside my pants grabbing my balls as she massages them with one hand as the other hand starts stroking my cock.
Kissing her lips I slide my tongue in her mouth our tongues inside one another's mouth.
My mother in law tells me to let her know when I'm going to cum while kissing me at the same time.
A few minutes later I whispered in her ear" I'm going to cum" she stroked my cock harder and faster , she put her hand on the head of my cock softly squeezing it into her hand and I blew my load into her hand.
She continued stroking my cock until it went soft, we didn't stop kissing for a minute that whole time.
I kissed her on the cheek as I caught my breath as she licked as much cum off her hand as she wiped my cock clean enjoying every last drop.
That had to be the greatest sexual experience I had ever had not only in a bus but with people in front and on the side of us.

26 days ago

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    • The best sex I ever had was my mother in law,

    • Then you woke up in a wet bed!

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