I witnessed my girlfriend used by two strangers

During a night out in town, I had noticed a couple of guys watching my girlfriend, I think that she had noticed too and kept glancing across at them. At some point she had gone to the ladies room to freshen up, as she had been gone for quite some time, I decided to check she was OK. There was a fire door by the restrooms leading to the back of the building and I could hear noises, so checked outside. The two men had my petite girlfriend pinned against the wall, they had her dress pulled down to her waist sucking her tits as they ran their hands over her pussy and she was twitching and moaning loving the attention. I watched as one guy dropped his pants and the other spread her legs and as the guy fucked her hard against the wall, the other guy sucked her ample tits, the scene was so hot, I just watched and stoked my cock until I had seen them both cum on her. I slipped back inside and returned to our table. I never told her what I saw, but think about it all the time.

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  • My girlfriend got into financial difficulties and accepted a loan from a local business man. It was all unofficial and the terms were unreasonable, but she needed the money urgently so accepted, as expected she found herself unable to pay the instalments and received a visit from the man and two of his associates.
    They told her that each week she couldn’t pay they would either take away items of her property to sell against the loan or she could pay them with sexual favours. Feeling that she had no choice, she opted to have sex with them. Even when I was there, they took her upstairs and I had to sit and listen to them fucking her. I have to confess that the whole situation made me very horny and I had her stay on the bed exactly as they had left her, so that I could relive the experience as she described what they had done. It was so exciting to fuck her myself while she still had their cum oozing out of her.

  • I'd love to secretly watch my virgin fiancée cheat on me by letting a stranger be her first. Letting another man take her virginity is my hottest cuckold fantasy.

    I want to know the utter humiliation of her permanently denying me the chance to be her first because she chose someone else.

    I hope a bull reading this is fated to come across my fiancée, and seduces her. You'll enjoy the unique alpha experience of taking my fiancée's virginity and that it's the tightest and best pussy you'll ever fuck. Please be the first to cum in her pussy, too. Cum deep in her and make sure it's the biggest load you've ever shot. I want you feel my fiancée's final moments of having a virgin pussy to be spent squeezing and sucking your entire cock as you pump your cum into her. Her virgin cunt will massage your whole shaft, while the virgin area near your cock's head will be tightly stimulating stimulating your whole cock head, helping to jerk out every last drop of cum. This will be the best pussy you've ever had.

    You'll always have my fiancée's virginity.

  • Some women just can’t reach their full sexual potential with just one partner,
    so if you are lucky enough to have such a relationship, then make the most of it while it lasts. I have had many partners over the years, but only one that came anywhere close to this. It was the best sex I ever had, but unfortunately these girls easily become bored with the same scenario and move on. My advice if you want to keep her is to keep on trying new things.

  • She clearly likes taking on two men at the same time, and you get off on watching her, so you should admit to her what you saw and try to arrange something for her that you can join in.

  • If she behaves like that when she is with you, then what is she like when she goes out without you?

  • Good point !

  • You’re girlfriend is a slut

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