My first spanking

My 17 birthday was great. Three of us girls celebrated birthdays on the same day. Nan’s mom planned it all, she was a young mother and all of us thought that she was so cool, Also they were very well off and had the greatest house. We had snacks and music and then the cakes and a few presents and then we had music and danced. The cutie pie sort of got me over in the corner and told me that had a present for me. He gave me piece of tissue paper that was wrapped around this diamond ring. First thing he said was “Cat, it’s only a present, I didn’t buy it, I found it and honestly don’t know if its real.”
Of course I was tickled and gave him a kiss and thanked him. I hung out with him, we danced and then we wander off to a spare bedroom and necked for a while. I asked him if that was all that was going to happen and he no, what he planned on doing was to administer a typical birthday ritual. What was that I asked, and it was so quick, I was sitting on the bed next to him thinking that we were going to make out to I was bent over his knee. His hand gently caressed my bottom and I got a bit sassy and said “Ooooooh, not a spanking, I don't like spankings!!! They make the blood rush to my private parts and put naughty ideas in my mind” he seemed to like that because after he gave me my first spank he said “what's wrong with blood rushing to your naughty parts, and you getting a naughty idea as a result”.
That’s when he pulled down my panty and caressed my bare bottom and gave me another playful slap. I whimpered like a silly girl, I knew that I wanted him. I arched my butt up and said don’t you see something you’d like. Neither one of us were very experienced, but we both made up by our mutual enthusiasm. Surrendering my pussy to him was so easy and natural. The best birthday that I ever had and I’ve had more than a few since them.

Feb 20

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    • I wish I could spank your clit with my big cock

    • How much of a turn on was it for you?

    • I was extremely turned on. I has a boyfriend at the time, but he was away. It was that this boy was so damn cute, that he was shy, you could tell that he was struggling to be forward. It was like he was bracing for a rejection and wanted to be cool about it. You should have seen his face lite up when I flirted back with him, his confidence level soared.
      Also he was patient, gentle and I think he wanted see me orgasm.
      So yeah, that was a long time ago and I still have vivid memories of it.

    • Sounds hot. My 2 stepdaughters loved to be spanked and not only on their birthday lol. I would love to hear more about you

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