Super Bowl 47; Game Day Part Two

It was well after dark when we dressed casual, went down to the bar, ordered something to eat and started to watch Super Bowl 47.  We made our way to the area of the lodge where the big fireplace was, settled in on a couch and quietly watched the flames; we were joined by another older couple around our ages and had a nice visit with them.  They left and we made our way back to our suite. 

Kelley had something for me when we got back, a pair of red silk boxers with naughty devils on them.  I modeled them for her like she had modeled her new panties for me.  I slipped on a T-shirt, she slipped into a gown she was very comfortable wearing.  It wasn't anything sexy; it didn't have to be.  She selected a movie for us to watch, got comfy together in bed and snuggled and cuddled until almost midnight.

Who made the first move after midnight is not important; it was the spark that lit the fuse.  Soon Kelley was back to only panties on.  On her back with her head resting on my right arm, one at a time I slowly increased the pleasure.  If there was any insecurity in her mind about her not having natural 38Ds, I was doing my part to erase all that.  Feeling, squeezing, massaging, fondling....I was focused on the moment, and the moment was not lacking in kisses either, long and tender and passionate, like she had yet to be kissed by me.  Our tongues were also actively involved as our lips made contact, the kisses lasting longer and longer.  At times we had to break off just to catch a breath.  Her nipples were bullet hard and pointy, they were not being ignored, not in the least.  They were getting their share of my attention. 

Then it happened, when I captured her left nipple with my lips, I began to suckle with fervor and gusto, not rough, just with a lot of energy.  It was my first time suckling one of her nipples; the more I suckled, the greater her response.  When and how her panites came off I have no idea; and I am not sure how my hand made its way below her tummy area; was it me or was she guiding my hand to her sweet spot between her thighs?  It had been a lot of years since she was naked in bed with a man and I was the first one this time around in her life.  I continued to suckle with purpose while my hand explored between her thighs.  The more she responded to me, the more I pushed her buttons.  First one finger than two, I explored her as deeply as my fingers could go, all the while still suckling.  Physically she was next to me; emotionally and sexually at that moment only she knew where she was.  And she was tight, so tight it took a little coaxing to get two fingers inside of her at one time.  Her body was hugging and squeezing my two fingers.  I pulled them out just enough to wet my thumb with some of her nectar; I moistened her hot button and slowly caressed and massaged it.  That took her over the edge.  Her climax was simply amazing; all those years of not being with a man, her climax literally took her breath away.  It was like she had lost control of her body for a while.  I was a little concerned until she opened her eyes and looked at me.  "Are you OK?"  "I think so."  We both took a break, and snuggled up. 

An hour or more went by as we rested, her head on my chest, my free hand caressing her bare back and bare bottom.  I took her hand and guided it to my boxers; she understood.  She managed to get them off. I continued to caress and massage her bare back and bare bottom except now she was in charge completely.  I spread my thighs apart and guided her hand, it was my invitation.  She took her time touching and feeling and exploring and massaging me.  There was no need to hurry.  I wanted her to do whatever she was in the mood for.  Her touch was so gentle and enjoyable.  What she eventually did was completely unexpected.  Kelley turned to me and whispered, "May I take it in my mouth?"  Just the whole moment, her politely asking me, another one of those moments that are impossible to forget.  Her lips, her mouth, her tongue, I had tasted all of them with my lips and mouth and tongue; now she had me where very few women in my life ever wanted to have me.  She took her time, she set the pace; I caressed her bare back then got my fingers in her hair and gently caressed her head while she was busy below.  I could feel her lips, I could feel her suction, I could feel her head bobbing up and down.  I let her know quietly I was getting very close; I did not know how her feelings about me climaxing in her mouth.  She simply went on doing what she had been doing until I could not hold back any longer.  When she was finished there was not a drop of my seed anywhere, she had consumed it all.  The experience was not so much sexual, as it was sensuous and very private and intimate.  (I am not the kind of guy who will take it out, make my partner get on her knees and do me orally.  I want her to pleasure me that way because she wants to do it and it's her choice alone to make. As much as I want the pleasure; I want her to want to give me that pleasure of her own free choice.)
The rest of our night was uneventful; we spent it skin on skin.  In the morning, before we went to get coffee, Kelley was in no hurry to get dressed.  I totally enjoyed the view; she did nothing to cover herself up; I think she enjoyed me looking at her nude body.  Her nipples were perky again; her breasts were in plain view; I even made an interesting discovery, her fur below was the same color as the hair on her head; I found that sooooo sexy, the first time I had ever seen salt and pepper pubic hair. 

I got a few feels in before coffee; I just had to feel her bare bottom cheeks again.  I wrapped my arms around her from behind and spooned her standing up. 
 I had to go to work; Kelley headed home.  I hoped inside she was happy we spent the last twenty four hours together.  Her kids and grandkids are lucky to have her.

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