Sunday morning fun.

So there I was, one Sunday morning, lying in bed, dreading the fact that I had to get up in two hours and go to church with my family. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and checked for messages, and there was a text from my little sister, next door to me, asking me if I liked it, with an attachment. I downloaded the attachment, and it was a pic of her spread eagle with her favorite dildo in her bald little pussy. I texted her back and said "yeah, looks pretty hot, sis". She immediately texted back, asking if my cock was hard, and if I would send her a pic. I responded "yes", and snapped a quick pic of my rock hard 5 inch cock. Just as I clicked the pic, my mom walked into my bedroom. We are a very open family, so I didn't try to hide what I was doing. She asked if I was sexting my sister again, and I told her yes. Then mom walked over to my bed and looked at the pics we had sent each other. Then she pulled off her shirt and told me to suck on her tit while she took a picture. Mom then sent the pic to my sis, with a text asking if she wanted to join us. Thirty seconds later, she walked into my room and said "Hell yes". She climbed into bed with mom and me, and we each took one of moms breasts in our mouths and suckled from her lactating nipples. We sucked mommas breasts dry in a few minutes, while she gently caressed our heads, as we played with her dripping wet pussy.
My sister then dropped down between moms legs and started eating her pussy, as I climbed up onto moms face and inserted my throbbing cock into her eager mouth. After a few minutes, I was getting ready to cum, so I pulled out of moms mouth and told my sis to trade places with me. As my sis straddled moms face with her pussy, I slid my cock into moms hot pussy and blew my load inside of her in about two minutes. My sister then dropped back down and started sucking my cum from moms pussy. About that time, my dad walked in and asked if he could join in. Mom told him that I had already came, and that he needed to service her and his daughter. Daddy pulled out his huge cock and proceeded to fuck the shit out of both of them, till they both came, then he came in moms pussy. Dad told me not to worry about my little cock, he said it would get bigger in a few years, when I finish growing. We all got up and showered together, then went off to church, like nothing was wrong, and nothing was wrong.


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  • Well that was a big steamy load of BS

  • You are aristocrats.

  • Quite so

  • Both my mom and sister are very attractive. I fuck my sister doggy as she's eating my mom's pussy. Then I fuck my mom doggy when she's eating my sister's pussy. What a wonderful life!

  • You should spread cheeks and let your dad pork you in the ass whilst you are doing your mom and sis.

  • Ten bucks says none of this happened. Maybe the text of something, but not what was described. I've had sex with my hot older sister for years, and, we have on occasion traded teasing or skin-showing pics (she loves doing that to me, spur of the moment), but we then get together and do what we do. Nobody else like lied about in this post. We get wild, but nowhere near the fantasy that this thing is.

  • What a queer family, your all a bunch of perverted pricks

  • No, only him for making up these lies.

  • True

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