The day I became a real sissy,

How things went from bad to worse. I was working a job in purchasing, our offices were in the warehouse. The men on the floor did all the heavy lifting and we did the stuff on the computer. I was never invited to, or even suggested to, join them when they went out for beers after work. It was two worlds, the men on the floor and the sissies upstairs in the office.

Inventory count day came and I was on the floor, each one of us doing counts, had a warehouseman shadow us, pointing out that this part was this part, and not something else. I needed the restroom and he went in with me, stood beside me as we 'hung out'. He pulled me back from the urinal 'let me see what you got'. 'That ain't no cock, this here is a cock' and he shoved it towards me.

That day I found out what a cock is, how to hold a cock, how to suck a cock, how to bend over and take a cock. 'Just like I figured nothing but sissies'. He was right, when it came to me. I've always been a sissy, but had never actually been a 'sissy', not with a real live cock.

They say that you fall in love with the first man that fucks you, that's true. It's not a lie. He just didn't like hanging around sissies, unless it was when his sissy boy was sucking his cock or he was deep in him, then he liked sissies, then I was his sissy boy. But not when he was around his friends on the floor.

Feb 17


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    • I'm a masculine bi-male but I'll play whatever role a man likes to be allowed to suck or be fucked by his hard cock.

    • I don't agree that loving cock makes you a Sissy. I love sucking cock and getting my man pussy used, but I do not consider myself a sissy

    • I'm a sissy faggot and I LOVE for those ruff and tumble types to fuck my holes

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