My Father ?

I got married recently and my husband and I live two streets over from my parents house. We are trying to start a family. My husband didn't mind us living so close to my parents. We like the area and the schools. The houses are nice kind of cookie cutter with little variations. The problem is that my father interferes and is being a real pain in the butt. My sister and her husband live a couple miles from us and my brother lives about twenty minutes by the airport. We are a close knit family. My father has a key to each of our houses and we have a key to mom and dad's. I have told my dad to always call before just coming over. My sister's place is older and dad helps them with various things around the home. My brother's place has a large metal shed in the back that our father uses as a work shop. I don't know how my brother stands it as our father visits him everyday. Just last week my husband works for the Federal Government and it was a holiday. Since he had off we slept in late and we were naked on top of the covers when my father poked his head in and called out my name.

My husband was furious. My dad got all upset at him for yelling at him for not announcing himself and I told him he needed to call first before coming over. He said we should have locked the bedroom door and been under the covers . Very embarrassing to get caught like this. I felt like a child and I know I shouldn't have. Plus I was performing oral sex on my mate when he surprised us. My father actually said that I wasn't going to get pregnant like that. I just looked at him and said ya think. He just doesn't get it that he shouldn't just show up like this. I told mom and she said well what do you want me to do your father hasn't changed and isn't going to. Jim wants to get the key back and I don't blame him. But this will cause hard feelings if he does. I am like really torn. I love my father but am trying to be one with my husband. He is really adamant about getting the key to our house back from my father. I just wish dad would understand our feelings on this situation.


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  • My father walked in on me having a threesome with 2 family friends. Both around my dads age. And they never spoke again

  • I agree with the last poster. Fuck right out in the open. Let daddy she his little baby girl getting a good pounding. Let him keep his keys. Another suggestion is bring in a friend to get naked with you. Then when your dad comes in and see's it's not your husband maybe he will stop coming over all together.

  • You and Jim need to voice your concerns to your parents. Explain your position and don't argue. Ask for the keys back.. Ask once, and if they balk or refuse, change the locks asap. When they get through being hurt and pissed-off, it will return to normal.
    There is, of course, another path you might take, though, not for the faint of heart, or, the painfully shy. You should fuck as often and loudly as possible anywhere in your house that you desire. If they walk in and you're blowing him, tell him, " It's okay, dad, I'm gonna spit it back in my hand and shove it up my cunt ! " So on and so forth for other scenarios, be prepared, be vigilant. If that doesn't get the point across to the old busybody then I'm afraid you'll be posting stories to thrill the many incest devotees on this site.

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