I was telling my friend about my wife having an affair with Jason. her black worker friend. He then confessed that his wife has had 3 black lovers in the 12 years they have been married. He told me that it was great because it kept her calm, well satisfied & took the pressure off him.

I asked, doesn't it bother you that you are a cuckold? He said sometimes he feels a bit humiliated but otherwise it is ok. He suggested I accept my wife's lover and be glad she is being sexually satisfied.

That is the way of life now for millions of married couples. In some countries it is out in the open. I wonder how my situation will develop.

Feb 17


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    • My wife has five men she sees. 3 are black and two are white. They are all very well endowed. I know because I asked and asked for pictures. All of her bfs have been happy to let her take pictures of their cocks. She said she loves me but needs and wants more and bigger.

    • Let's be honest sex doesn't keep a man and a woman married to each other it the life experiences and the friendship and how you treat each other when you are alone together. That being said I had sex with a lot of guys before I married my husband and he knew that even while we were dating I sucked guys off in the back seat of his car when he was driving me home. After we got married I never stopped fucking other men just because he put a ring on my finger but I can say that I never went behind his back because he knew what I was up to. He has even allowed me to let a couple of guys stay with us for months at a time. I have fucked white guys and a lot of black guys over the years but that's what it was just fucking for the fun of it. And when I was alone with my husband we make love to each other there's a difference between fucking and making love that most people don't understand.

    • I thought that my husband was crazy when he started talking about me having sex with other men and how it would turn him on just knowing that I was with someone else. I told him that I couldn't do something like that and that I wasn't a slut. But he continued to talk about it almost begging me at times I felt like he didn't love me anymore. So one night I was out with some girlfriends and I meet this guy who wanted me to go home with him so I called my husband and told him what I was about to do and he got so excited about it I thought that he was about to cry. Well I went with this guy and he was fucking me harder and longer than my husband ever had I don't know what I was thinking but I let him cum inside me. Then when I got home my husband was waiting for me in the bedroom and he took off my clothes and I laid on the bed and he started kissing me all over and when he got between my legs and started licking my pussy he said how good I smell and how wet my pussy was and he asked me if that was cum inside of me and before I could say anything he was licking my pussy and he actually cummed on the bed just from going down on me and he didn't even fuck me that's how we fell asleep with him between my legs after I had an orgasm from him eating my pussy. As the years went by and the more men I was with the happier he was with me and he was very content with how our marriage was going and I never dreamed that when I married my husband he was going to become a cuckold for me and I would be having sex with so many different guys and enjoying myself but that's how my marriage has turned out for me.

    • Back when my husband first told me he wanted me to cheat on him I believed it was the warning that my marriage was doomed and just a matter of time to be over. I was very depressed and sad. I never heard of anyone being okay with cheating in marriages. I resisted as best I could.

      What got me to try it was actually getting invited to a Key Party through his work. Since attending and going through with this would help his career it was easier for me to rationalize it in my head. The guy I got stuck with was older, uglier and fatter than my dad. On the way to his house, I didn't think there was any way I'd be able to go through with it.

      When I found out he had a daughter my age something clicked, and I asked if I could pretend to be her. He looked at me and resisted at first but agreed. IDK why but pretending to be HIS daughter made it SOO much easier to go through with it. Even though we used his daughter's name I kept imagining if he was actually my own father. I've seldom had a naughty thought about my dad but that night it did it for me and I loved doing it.

      Once the first time was over, I was more willing to try stuff. Since he wanted my lovers to actually knock me up, I changed to only sleeping with men that looked a lot like my husband. Good thing my ex's look like my husband too

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