Dirty friends or filthy parents

How do I start?? Well my wife and I have a circle of friends,all couples in our 40's,there's Andrew and Carol,Tim and becky,John and Cheryl and Shane and Lydia.there's always one mad couple in a group and ours was Andrew and Carol,they always suggest the parties,are the last ones left,do the odd line of coke! You get my drift. We'd all had a get together recently at our house,everyone had left except Andrew and Carol and obviously us as it was our house,it was really late,the 4 of us were sitting around the dining table,Andrew pours another drink looks at Carol and says we've got to tell them babe? Tell us what mate I say! We've started visiting a swinging club! You two are mad I said,we know that replied Carol,well it's not us really,it's who we saw and played with at the club 🤔 spit it out Andrew who mate? Well don't get nasty or anything he said! It was your parents pal!!! I nearly choked on my beer!! You fucking what!! As friends we thought we've got to tell you! Now my mum and dad were getting on a bit,both in their late 60's! They've known Andrew and Carol for years,my wife butt's in and says OK you said you saw them but what do you mean by playing with them? Don't tell me you fucked them Andrew? Carol nudged my wife (Maria) and said Darren's (me) dad came into the room we were in,we were already naked on the bed with another couple,fancy seeing you two here of all places! He was naked too,if Darren's anything like his father your a lucky girl Maria,Carol said laughing,still a bit shocked Maria said why? Oh cmon hun!! The size of his cock,its big put it that way as she sipped her wine,both my wife and I were dumbstruck! Tell her what you did next Carol? Do we really need to know I said? Amazingly Maria elbowed me and said yeah we do!! Darren's dad Colin eyed my naked body up and down and said I've always wondered what you looked like without any clothes on Carol! Do you like what you see Colin?? I opened my legs and rubbed my clit!! Oh wow said Colin wanking his big dick,nice and trimmed I have told Sheila to shave hers a bit!! (My mum) Maria I couldn't resist said Carol,I started sucking his cock!! Andrew casual as you like then says yeah I started talking to the old man as my wife is sucking him off and asked him where Sheila was? In the other room with a few black guys Colin replied!! Fuck off Andrew your winding me up I said! Mate that's what I thought so I had to go and see,I left Carol in the capable hands of your dad and walked into the other room!! We've been friends for years pal but I never thought I'd see your mum in-between two black guys!! Maria said in-between?? Yep one up her pussy and one up her ass Andrew answered smirking,Maria looked at me and said your mum?? You think you know people!! Please tell me you didn't fuck her I said!! I wanted to mate but I couldn't get a look in!! Laughing,so went back to Carol and your dirty old man!! Whats she up to Andrew asks Colin? Getting dp'ed by 2 black guys I said!! Still!!! Carol,have you tried it before love said Colin? Are you kidding I love it,get over here Andrew we're gonna fill her up son!! Omg Maria says! What did it feel like? What you've never tried it girl? No we haven't,you have to try,it's incredible.i hopped on Andrew bent right over and Colin stuck his weapon in my arse! What do I say to that! My mother is with 2 black guys and dad and my mate are both up his wife!!! That's not the best bit Carol says! What could happen now I thought.oh yeah said Andrew how could I forget,as they fucked me Sheila came into the room! She could see her husband fucking away but not the other two people,until she gets to the front of the bed! Carol! Is that you,then she sees Andrew! What would they all think of us my mother says jokingly! I'm going to cum Colin shouts,he pulled his cock from my arse and your slut of a mother in law starts licking my cum filled bum while Andrew is still fucking my pussy! Yep mate,your old girl pulls my cock from Carol and takes it straight in her mouth! I let her have it,she swallowed the lot. Maria's jaw was nearly on the floor!! I don't know what to say or do,I'm shocked! Well you could always join us at the club Andrew suggested! I'll leave that story for next time xx

1 month ago

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