Wife and FIL

I found an old diary of the wife’s where she laid out explicit details of her and her father having sex. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen yet turned me on like nothing else. I’ve stroked more times than I’d care to admit from it.

Feb 14

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    • My wife and I have sex with my FIL twice a week. It’s so hot seeing them kiss and make out, then he goes down on her. Then I fuck her in the ass while he fucks her pussy….and once we kissed each other while we both pumped cum in her.

    • That’s very hot. He has been dead a few years now but I’d have been open to everything you said. Idk whether to mention this to her or not now. I’m shocked tbh

    • Confront her

    • You think so? Just tell her what I read?

    • Yes!

    • She turned beet red, was obviously flustered, then denied everything. Even in the face of having it in black amd white right in front of her face.

    • My last gf was sexually abused by her father and cousins from age 11 to 15.
      When she talked about it, it actually stimulated her more. See how wife reacts if you talk about it in bed!

    • And???? What did she have to say?

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