Ride home

We had a few to drink me and my husband were totally drunk when som friends offered us a lift home but I would have to sit on someone lap as we began our ride I felt a hand on my knee as he felt no response he slid it up to my knickers then pulled them to one side and slipped his finger into me for the next few minutes he finger fucked me till we got home that was a few weeks ago now every Saturday I sit on a different guy and he fingers me

Feb 14

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    • My husband and two of his friends had gone out drinking and I was pretty drunk and when we left my husband was driving a I was sitting on his friends lap. It was a good hour drive to drop of his friends and I could feel his cock getting hard as I moved around in his lap he had pulled up the back of my dress and he opened up the zipper of his pants and I reached down and pulled out his cock. I lean forward to get a cigarette off the dashboard and when I sat back down his cock went right into my pussy. There I was talking to my husband and his other friend and I have this big cock deep inside of me I could feel every pump in the road I could feel him breathing heavier and I knew that he was about to cum inside of me after he did cum he let his cock get soft and he worked it back into his pants. I thought my husband didn't know but when we got home he asked me if I had fun getting fucked by his friend and I couldn't help but laugh he was OK with it

    • I got finger fucked at a birthday party. I arrived to pick up my daughter, and I needed to go to the bathroom. Father of the house showed me where it was. Now this guy was a stud of a man. Handsome, muscular,tall just like Gary Cooper. I thanked him for showing me th way, but he lingered there just looking me in the eyes so soulful. I don't know why I was so impulsive but I got on my tippy toes and kissed him.
      He so gracefully closed the door, lifted up my dress and pushed my panties to the side and gently began to massage my pussy, and all the while we were lip locked into one of the most passionate kisses I've ever experienced. I have never orgasmed as quickly as it. It was just like a day dream.

    • I would have pounded that pussy and loade it with my cum before I let you go

    • When we started dating, my husband owned a jeep. Well I ended up in the back sitting on this guy's lap. I could feel his penis getting hard when I rubbed butt against his crotch. It made me feel a bit flirty so instead of closing my legs when he put his hand up my skirt, I opened them wider.
      It felt so naughty to sit behind my BF while his bud was massaging my pussy.

    • My husbands friends finger fucked me while they watched the super bowel then as we all got drunk all five of them including my husband fucked all my holes till I was full of their cum

    • I wonder how much of this goes on. I was the hostess whore for our Super Bowl party as well. Husband had six of his buddies over from work. Wound up a lot of flirting and then one by one they had their cocks in my mouth. And filling my holes with their loads it was the best Super Bowl I've never seen! Since then I've been seeing two of the biggest cocks that was in me at the Super Bowl party regular every week. They turned me into a size queen!

    • We did a similar thing and I always preferred being a passenger as I would try sliding my hand up the other women's skirts. It was quite surprising how many would just let me get up to their pussy!

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