I gave my wife Bad advice

My wife has nights out with the girls, and she admitted that she has danced with a couple of guys but no touching according to her. I was trying to be a cool husband and told her it’s okay if she dances with guys, even with some incidental light touching. She asked if I was sure and I told her I was sure. She admitted she dances with guys all the time now, and she admits they get hands on sometimes, touching her butt and boobs and waist and hips, she says if it gets too out of control she moves their hand and that when they grind on her she moves over. Again, I was trying to be cool and act like I wasn’t the jealous type, I said honey that’s okay that’s how men are when they’re lucky enough to dance with a sexy woman, don’t worry about it, just have fun and don’t worry I’m not jealous, you’re just too sexy they can’t help it. She admitted that guys grind on her and feel her up, and that it makes her feel sexy and turned on, I noticed she had been dressing sexier over the past few months when she went out, no jeans only skirts and dresses, and she admitted that guys will hold her hand and kiss her on the cheek and she gives back hugs and cheek kisses only, and she sits on laps, but that’s all. I stupidly told her that it’s alright, I’m not jealous, if she’s comfortable then it’s all good, just don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. She admitted she’s been making out with men over the past few weeks, and hadn’t let it progress because she didn’t feel comfortable until she met a military guy and she felt very comfortable and turned on, and she gave him a blow job in his car in the parking lot. After that, she said she’s felt very comfortable giving BJs to men she meets, and she had sex with a guy in his car. She said she felt very comfortable having sex with him, and wants to do it more often with more guys. She says that other men are better dancers, better kissers, better hands, better dicks, and they fuck her better than I do. She said that we are still husband and wife, but that she’s finally free sexually to express herself and she wants to express her sexuality with lots of men. I said, that’s okay I’m not jealous, and she kissed me and promised me a hand job when she gets home from the club tonight.

2 months ago

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    • Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to watch my wife slow dance with some of my friends, some married, some single. At a recent out of state wedding, several guy friends, family, asked my wife to dance. She mostly said “No”. Part of that was my fault as we’re standing in a small group and she asks me to dance to a set of slow sexy songs per DJ and I said “No”. One of our friend’s husband said “I’ll dance with you.” His wife didn’t say anything and my wife asked if it’s OK? I knew this guy has always had the hots for my wife but I still said “OK”. In the beginning it was Ok, but as the song continued, I could see both of them were getting into it. His wife tried to act like she was cool with it, but she wasn’t. I saw them move closer together, his squeeze made her 36DDD tits overflow her dress somewhat. He had her turned so it wasn’t as obvious that his hand would occasionally drift down to her ass. Women know when guys are touching their ass. As the song continues, her position has changed and her upper thigh seems positioned between his legs at times. I knew when she’s done this to me, my cock gets very hard. After the second dance, I think her mind was on this guy and his cock. His wife, turned her back on them, she didn’t want to see her husbands hand move up to stroke the outside of her left tit that was compressed against his chest. I could take my eyes off it as I kept talking to his wife. As the second dance ended, he lifted up her hair and whispered something against ear. I could tell as they finished, he had additional plans for my wife, and there wasn’t much I could do. I do t know when or where but sometime that night, they fucked. I only know that because when we got back to our hotel, 4 hours later her thong and her pussy were both wet. I’ll never turndown a dance with my wife again, I don’t know if his wife knew about that “Last Dance”.

    • I'm failing to see the problem here. You have a sexy wife who's fully embracing and enjoying her sexuality, and not keeping any secrets from you. As long as she isn't denying you then it sounds like you may have the perfect hotwife on your hands!

      There are a LOT of men who have a fetish for the hotwife/stag lifestyle, myself included. I have no idea if you fit into this category or not, but if so, encourage her to bring the fun home. I can tell you from experience that quietly listening from the other room as your wife is fucking another man can put a knot in your stomach, but it's also incredibly erotic. Getting to watch is much, much more so! And it sounds like she might be interested in enjoying threesomes, foursomes, etc. In which case, getting involved is the best of all worlds. Think really hard about what you want out of this new chapter in your marriage.

      It doesn't have to be a humiliation thing, and there doesn't need to be any kind of degradation involved (unless that's your thing). Have some in depth conversations with her about her desires and needs, your desires and needs, safety, and how you can work together to get your mutual fantasies fulfilled. Also, remember that the other guys are human too, and while they may just be play partners for the night, they deserve basic respect as well.

      This could be the start of a shared adventure that brings you closer and makes your lives together more exciting, or it could be the start of some real problems. It all depends on how you handle it, and how honest you both are with yourselves and each other.

      Please keep us posted here! This is hot as fuck!

    • She made a real chump out of you and now you are a full on cuck! Where does she get this sexual freedom from incidental light touching? Incidental light touching would be hands, arms, shoulders, etc. She wasn't truthful to you at all and was probably fucking any guy that looked her way. Enjoy your new life cuck!

    • And there's nothing wrong with being a cuck for your wife when you love her!

    • My exwife was THE sexiest slow dancer !
      She once got tossed out of a high school dance for the way she slow dances.
      She pushes her pussy mound into a guy in a very strange and sexy way....she has been getting teens .....and men hard this way for years.
      I cannot let her dance with my buddies - because she goes right into her cunt-trick with them very naturally. They all come away with a big boner...and her smiling at her accomplishment.
      Hard to describe what she does down there - but it has gotten her into trouble more than once! Do that at a church party....an office Xmas party, her BIL, FIL!
      Poor girl can't seem to help it - she has a dangerous crotch!

    • Listen you are a good husband. If she’s still willing to be a good wife to you? Then why not? I have ladies night once a week, my husband doesn’t trust me at all so he sends his friends out to the bar or club to watch me, sometimes even my dads friends. But little does he know, they’ve been the ones to initiate the flirting and dancing., feeling me up, grinding against me, kissing me neck. And I can guarantee you he’s not into me being with other men. Yes it started out slow, dancing, a feel here and there, bj in the car, sex in the car, sex in the hotel. But my husband criticized everything I wore, would argue when I didn’t answer the phone, and had me download a tracking app.

    • You should just plan a retirement that includes about 40% of the stuff you have right now. Good luck!

    • Well I think it’s great and you are a very lucky guy that she still wants you and didn’t just take off and is including you after I wish I could get my wife to do things like that anything she was comfortable doing but she is so insecure she won’t even flirt and has closed Almost completely off Sexually you are very fortunate as far as I’m concerned good luck

    • We were in an ex-pat situation some years ago and there were parties every weekend. My wife used to dress very sexily. One dress was open down to her navel, basically a strip of cloth over each breast! Obviously she couldn't wear a bra so her tits were clearly visible. On the way home she told me which of the guys had touched her up and it excited both of us.
      I have to admit that I'm glad it never went as far as the OP's situation, but I did find it horny watching her being led to the dance floor knowing that the guy she was with would be stroking and squeezing her tits, but wouldn't get any further!

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