Wife’s thongs

I want to mail my wife’s thongs to guys and y’all cum on the string and send them back for her to wear with your cum riding up in her pussy and I make her suck the string after she gets home hit us up I pay all shipping

1 month ago


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    • I can help. pokerface69692@gmail.com

    • Email me otakuking688@gmail.com I'd love to participate

    • 👍🏼

    • I have a fresh pair of my wife’s bikini panties she’s worn all weekend and Monday the Fourth of July 3 days of sweat and pussy juice in them she pulled them off this morning who wants them

    • Could you have her cum in a pair for me

    • She sure wiii

    • I would like a pair with crust in crouch like after she works out and please send a pussy speed open pic with them

    • Will be happy to send me some info for mailing

    • Would you be willing to send a pair of her worn stockings?

    • Yes I will would like her to wear them with or without panties I can send you two pair if you don’t mine could you cum in the crouch of one pair and send them back you can keep the other ones

    • I am interested in smelling her crotch, but also her foot area as well. If she could wear them for a few days. I can't wait to cum all over them!

    • Would you like pictures of her feet and pictures of he pussy and asshole up close

    • Can you give me mailing info that way I’ll have her wear a pair for a couple of days no panties and the second clean pair can you cum in the crouch and send them back I’ll have her wear those for my enjoyment knowing some guys cum is rubbing her pussy let me know where to mail them

    • It was 2005, I was having a secret affair with a co-worker until he got deployed to Iraq. We stayed in contact and since he had no family he asked if I could send him a few 'care packages.'
      Each week, I'd mail him a box with snacks and anything else he'd request. I'd place a pair of my thongs or stocking on top so it would be the first thing he'd see when he opened the box. He said it drove him crazy. He also told me his friend thought it was a HOT gesture too! LOL

    • That’s great so sexy I love sending out my wife’s thongs

    • Thanks.
      I remember the first time we hooked up after he got back. OMG! He pounded me like a guy that just got out of prison. lol My insides were sore the next day!
      He'd kept each pair of panties and stocking I'd mailed to him and placed them in their own drawer in his bedroom.
      From then on, after we'd have sex, I'd drop of the pair I'd worn that day in the drawer. LOL It didn't take long to fill that drawer. lol
      My husband knew I was addicted to VS and always buying new panties. To this day, he still has not clue I was cheating and leaving panties with another guy. lol

    • Thanks that’s fucking super hot!!!

    • Will you mail me two pair one clean so I can cum all over them and one pair she’s worn all day and have pussy cream on the strap so I can suck on it while I fuck my wife she loves this shit then I wipe mine and her cum up with the clean ones and can I keep her dirty ones

    • What’s your wife’s first name I like to call it out when I cum on her panties if you don’t mind

    • Margaret

    • Will do

    • Wow that would be hot!!

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