How can this be

I’m female 36 and my best friend is male known each other since 12.
He is very quiet, single, lives on his own and works in a factory.
This was more my doing then his but I was in a funny mood and encouraged him to bed, in 24 years we have never looked at each other in any other way than just friends so this was risky.
Once in bed he seemed like he didn’t know what to do I think it was more nerves than not knowing what to do, I pulled his hand to my body and I started touching him he got hard very quickly, I parted my legs and guided him into me, once inside me he started breathing really heavy he was showing all the signs he was about to cum but no he continued like this pulling his cock slowly out then slowly back inside me, he gradually built up speed and I was loving every bit of this, he held deep in me grinding his hips he was doing all sorts of moves, I’m like what ever you do don’t stop, his breathing got heavier and heavier and still he continued then like never before my orgasm started, normally you kind of know you’re leading towards an orgasm, this one just happened and it went on for ages he still didn’t stop being honest I don’t think had a clue I just had a massive orgasm, I needed a rest after my orgasm so I said to him don’t cum inside me cum over me, he just stopped immediately pulled out and cum over my body.
All this time I’ve been with men that think they know what their doing and haven’t got a clue compared to my friend.

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