Big bro's spit

So me and my big bro fight like most brothers and sisters do, and him being 17 and me being 14 I always lose. Usually he would only restrain me. He's beat me a few times but tbh I deserved it. But this is a bout a few days ago when he did something I didn't expect. So he was restraining me and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face down onto a table. He then spat next to my face on the table like 10 times and made me lick it up and eat his spit. Honestly I think he wants to dominate me like that. He's my big bro I don't wanna have sex with him. This would feel good don't get me wrong, he's fit and I'm sure he's big in size, but yk it's wrong. I am into kinky stuff tho, but brother sister is too much. However I enjoyed eating his spit which I shouldn't. Idk what do you guys think

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  • I got into spitting when I was at secondary school I had an argument with another girl we started fighting, she hit me in the stomach and winded me, my mouth came open she spit in it I ran off to the toilet because I had an orgasm, I cant tell you about the rest its perverted and disgusting, I watch spitting porn

  • When I was 14 my older brother by three years pinned me down held my head just inches from his gave me a kiss on my lips and told me to part my lips and when I did he spat into my mouth. I about gaged but three days later he did the same thing and I got pissed and gave it right back to him when he kissed me. A few weeks later I was giving him a blo job and he came in my mouth and I swallowed every bit of it opening my mouth showing him what a good girl I was and now he don't spit in my mouth any more.

  • That's gross ewww

  • He's going to rape you one day

  • HOLD that 'r' word. It's hardly recognized anymore. Put this in perspective. The new vernacular is aggressive sexual relations or assertive sexual relations. More often now that type of activity is referred to as a feminine sexual mandate or just her feminine mandate to a man. A girl or woman is mandated to service a man sexually. That is the increasing populist concept now occurring on a global scale. Moreover, women in general either ARE or will be required to embrace it & acknowledge it. Take that to the bank.

  • The next time you start to fight just get on your knees and pull off your top. He'll know what to do next, let him do it.

  • Oh you will be sucking his cock before you know it.

  • Wait until u get his cock spit to lick up .Yum ,Yum .

  • I never thought of that. He'll probably make me swallow what he ejaculates too.

  • I have a thing for spit play. However I can't act on it to much with my dear wife. Her ex use to spit in her face and beat the shit out of her so spit is an awful memory for her.

    I don't think it's a bad thing you like it or even if it's your brother. After all you feel close to him so it would be somewhat of a natural thought.

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