Bi side

If you ever met me you'd think I'd be the last person on earth to like cock,I was as surprised as anyone but that's life I guess,it all started when I bumped into an old friend of mine who told me that he was bi,after a few drinks he convinced me to let him suck my cock, best blowjob I'd ever had,he asked me if I wanted to suck his,I was reluctant at first but couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it and my cock had never been so hard,I continued to meet up with him every Friday,after around 3 months we started talking about fucking,it was nothing new to me fucking his arsehole as I was used to fucking my wife but then came my turn, ill be honest it hurt to begin with but he was gentle with me and I soon started to enjoy it,10 minutes or so in his whole length was in my arse and I told him to go faster,my cock was rock hard as he fucked me,what had I been missing out on all these years,my friend started introducing me to some of his friends and I began fucking them,id lost count how many guys had fucked me then I was introduced to group sex,I've been gangbanged by 6 men at once and it was incredible,

Apr 3

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    • The thought of male homosexuality sickens my wife. I told her I was bisexual before we were married, I haven’t strayed but there are times when I crave sex with a man.

    • My wife knew that I was bisexual ever since I was a young boy. After we were married she told me that I could have sex with other men as long as I was the one getting fucked and sucking cock and never fuck another woman. So we ended up having an open marriage and I was able to enjoy my bisexual needs and she enjoyed other men as well. It just sex but if you're married you have to be honest with each other or someone is going to get hurt down the road.

    • My wife and I grew up together. We were neighbors and best friends. So she knew I had issues, not only was I gay, I sucked my first cock at the age of 10, and loved it. Of course it helped that I was the only boy in a household of three girls, a mother, and no father. Plus I was born with a birth defect called Aphallia, that's we're a male is born with testicles but no penis. So being gay was my destiny.
      My wife ended up pregnant at the age of 17, so our parents, also being best friends, arranged it for us to be married. We feel it's a perfect marriage, we love each other very much. I get to have sex with other men and so does she. We have a nice family, my wife has given birth to six beautiful children. Only she knows who there fathers are.

    • Tell your wife! Give her an opportunity to accept or deny this. You bring home some bullshit and make her sick or kill her, you should be charged with murder! My wife loves to share me but we do it together as a couple and it is OUR choice. How would you feel if she was fucking someone else and gave your an STD or even worse Aids?

    • You are spot on. It’s totally fine for guys to suck cock and fuck guys if they are married, but as long as the wife is on board with it. In fact it can be so much hotter knowing that they approve and actually get off on seeing you swallow cock and cum.

    • Hell yea, I agree 100%! My wife gets it ready and I finish our bull off. She loves sucking dick but hates the taste of cum. I get tired quickly sucking dick but love the taste of cum. We compliment each other very well in our desires!

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