Public toilet masturbation.

I remember when I was quite young this happened to me when I was around 12 or 13

There’s a place near where I used to live called Chalkwell park, Essex uk. Now near the Play apparatus there was a public toilet, where this happened.

I was a horny fucker back then, and on my travels that day I had come across some lady’s underwear, felt like I had hit jackpot** so I whet into the toilets to do what hormonally charged boys that age do.

Anyway there I am wacking away with the lady’s underwear in my face and what happens.... this hand holding a mirror appears under the door, this old pervert must have seen me lock my bike and go in on my own. I panicked and threw my school bag at his hand and he disappeared.

But now some 20 odd years later, my own perverted mind ( but NOT in the same sense as this pedo ) finds me thinking about it, while I’m masturbating I find myself thinking about what he would have done if I had just opened the door to show him what I was doing.

He would have hit jackpot that day too!

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  • Why not

  • The walls of public toilets have loads of sexual treasures - just brows the phone numbers written on them and you may hit some jackpots!!

  • He would have likely invited you into his lavatory—and engulfed you—having you spew your warmth into his wanting, wet mouth...

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