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Let me tell you all what I did to pass my driving test! I'm sara,I was 18 last November,my parents have spent a fortune on my lessons im just not very confident on the roads,they've even bought me a car that has been sitting on the drive for the best part of a year! My instructor Chris is getting pissed off with teaching me now,im begging him to put me forward for my test but he tells me I'm knowhere near! So to shut me up one day he says OK you are going to have a mock test with one of the examiners I know and let's see how you fare! Chris picked me up on a Tuesday evening and drove to the test centre,a man comes out,Chris gets out of the car and they have a chat,Chris tells me to get in the drivers seat,the man gets in the passenger seat and introduces himself as Alan,Chris gets in the back and Alan tells me to pull off,I thought I was doing rather well then Chris asked Alan what his verdict is! Well you're right Chris she's a long way off a test situation,I felt angry and upset,take the next left and pull up next to the field sara! So Chris tells me your begging him all the time to put you in for your test sara is that right? Yes Alan I replied,there is one way you could jump the que my dear! He undoes his seat belt and rubs his crotch! What I answered? Oh don't be daft sara Chris says from the back do you want your licence or what! Yeah of course I do! We're going to have a practice on you ourselves! Alan grabbed my head and pulled me to his lap,be a good girl and put it in your mouth!! I was desperate for my licence so I started sucking Alan's dick! That's it you'll have your licence in no time he sniggered,don't forget me I heard,I lifted my head from Alan's lap to see Chris leaning on the back seats with his cock out,I sucked on him too!! There was a reason we were near a field! It was extremely secluded,my door opened and Chris pulled me out,take your jeans off sara,I pulled them down,Chris pushed me over the bonnet and started fucking me,who's the examiner here Alan said!! My turn ! The bastards took turns fucking me for the next hour,needless to say it was a matter of weeks then my licence got sent to my address,I do feel a little bit guilty 😜

13 days ago

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    • Good girl best way to get your licence

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